[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Intragrate a translation tool into /e/

In a way, a smartphone is the modern version of a Swiss knife - that’s why I am proposing to integrate a translation tool into /e/ - one that allows the user to

  • translate quickly a smaller or longer text into another language as well as
  • translating an entire website within the browser.

There is an interesting open source tool already available that could be used as basis and that could run straight from e.foundation servers.

The tool is called LibreTranslate. For now it translates nine languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT, RU as well as Arabic and Chinese) into any direction. The tool can be tested here: https://libretranslate.de/
To me, translation quality feels okay - somewhat similar to GoogleTranslate but behind DeepL.

LibreTranslate is based on the Open-Source-project Argos Translate developed by an US American company that appears to be specialised otherwise on software for drones.

Any further suggestions from someone else?

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very interesting, I also feel the lack of a translator

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