[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Jami Messenger needs to work with /e/OS

I know finding the right messenger for /e/OS is a big one

I`ve read a number of posts about various messengers, signal riot, threema, wire etc and feel /e/foundation needs to get Jami working with the /e/os as so far it doesnt work on e/os which is a shame.

Signal like most requires a telephone number which is the i feel is a privacy violation. isnt the ultimate tracker your telephone number in some ways?

Wire messenger according to wikipedia says:
Privacy policy changes
As of late 2019, Wire is owned by a US company, which makes it “not entirely clear how much jurisdiction the United States will have over Wire data”. This is especially problematic, as Wire stores unencrypted meta data for every user Wire also changed its privacy policy from “sharing user data when required by law” to “sharing user data when necessary”. It remains unclear what is considered “necessary”. This very vague language means that sharing user data could very well be “necessary” to increase profits, or “necessary” for law enforcement, or any other reason

Riot looks ok but according to this chart someone posted on the forum it doesnt secure mesages and attachments.

Threema is not open source

Jami in my opinion and research seems to be the best one, its 100% open source,
Jami is completely peer-to-peer and doesn’t require a server for relaying data between users.
end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy for all communications and comply with the X.509 standard.
No restriction on file sizes and most importantly doesnt require a telephone number.

To me its a no brainer + if i could get jami to work i could talk to my brother on his stupid iphone:) (i got him to install it but had no success in mesaging him via /e/OS)

Can we please get Jami working with /e/ i really feel its important. maybe /e/ could strike up a friendly relationship and message Jami send them some free phones or something, dont know why the /e/OS refuses to run it.

I`m sure many have various opinions and preferences on their favorite messengers , i not trying to get anyone to switch just would like to see Jami working and feel /e.foundation should do their best for anyone to try this app.



what about Telegram? /e/ already has several groups on Telegram.

i`m a bit dubious about telegram.
This article by bloomberg Telegram Loses Bid to Block Russia From Encryption Keys

Another article A security hole is letting hackers access Telegram accounts

the link above cites a few more stories on that page from cnn, zdnet etc

Consulting the the chart shared by an /e/ forum members in one of the /e/ forums theres some concerns in highligted in red.

what i like about Jami is explained on their blog things like decentralized servers peer to peer file sharing.

It stores private keys for encryption only on the device which executes it. You are therefore the only holder of your information.

It uses distributed hash tables to establish communications which enables the application to work without the retention of personal data. Mass surveillance cannot take place because no data servers hold any information in a centralized area…

I would love folks and /e/foundation stafff, take the time to read their blog articles, i think it pretty special stuff, + alot of technical info in their articles, i could be wrong i`m no expert but think it is a great one, if the /e/OS can get it to function.

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Jami looks good but how do I convince friends & relatives to use

IF Jami worked on the /e/OS i would tell my friends and relatives a few things.

Soon whatsapp will be peddaling advertizing in the main messenger window, advertizing means more tracking to track your behaviour and they will be pushing adverts relevant to your converations. i.e “hows the dog doing” and then they put up some dog food advert, remind them its intrusive.

I would tell them that their phone is capable of using more than one messenger app, you could still keep whatsapp but to use Jami when they can.

I would say kindly to ONLY to contact through Jami, and if they forget and send you a message through whatsapp kindly remind them to contact you thru your prefered messenger. Eventually it will stick in their heads by training them this is how they contact you.

I would tell them it`s more secure, and they can send any type of file of any size as its peer to peer.

the only cons are:

If u lose/forget your password its impossible to recover your account as they dont store any information which is actually a good thing.

Both phones have to be on to receive messages, as there is no central server to push notifications, messages sent will arrive when phones are both on at the same time.

I would get them to read the following articles about Jami.

Ethical Motivation Behind the Distributed Architecture of Jami.
Practical advantages of Jami’s distributed architecture
Challenges associated with Jami’s distributed architecture
Establishing peer-to-peer connections with Jami
Peer-to-peer file sharing support in Jami

oh, i amending what i said it not decentralized its distributed which is buch better


You are right @freedapeoples and I would think they know that. But you know…stickers :sunglasses:

Jami is good as an idea but when trying to use it, somehow this messenger never worked for me properly. It just cost time and nerves. Would not recommend. Signal works. matrix and xmpp are ok too (with Monal on apple).

Yes that is the problem, Jami does not run on /e/OS, i wish it was workiing.
I really want the efoundation to solve this problem, perhaps i should file it as a bug fix request at the /e/OS github?

After updating Jami, now when i try to run it on /e/OS Jami wont even open i keep getting the message bliss lanucher has stopped working.

I would love efoundation and Jami to collaborate, but that maybe wishful thinking.

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I tried jami from android 7.0 to e9 on LeEco s2. jami ran, however, some msgs were not in order when the msg arrived and vice versa. I do have an unreliable net connection though.

Jami seems really pretty on paper, but it doesn’t work on my /e/phone. The profile is disconnected or connecting… but sadly never connected.

does /e/ not work with Jami? Anyone can just install it, right?
The problem i have with Jami and other XMPP messengers, is that they all go 100% for XMPP. I think there is really a need for interoperability between messenging protocols and open standards for that, and Matrix/Riot are really trying hard in that area, which is why they have my support.