[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Lock critical settings like WLAN, mobile data or power off on the lockscreen

It is possible to deactivate settings such as WLAN or mobile data on the lock screen or even shut down the device.

Samsung devices have a setting that you first have to authenticate normally, just as it happens, for example, if you want to deactivate GPS.

Is it possible to add this to /E/OS?

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What happens when you swipe down on lockscreen?

I guess the Quick Settings menu comes down including the described settings and a shutdown button.
Can confirm.

Should be pretty easy, already have shortcuts like flashlight and such,so just add the possibility to add all tiles to lock screen if u want too ?

The behavior should be exactly the same as with the GPS button.

If you are on the lock screen and want to deactivate GPS in the quick settings, you have to enter the PIN first (or the corresponding unlocking measure that you have set)

That’s why the first post starts with “It is possible”. That’s not in question.

The issue is that you can use all these Quick Settings toggles freely on the lock screen without unlocking, with several Android flavours out there showing a setting to either allow or deny this, while /e/OS seemingly doesn’t have such a setting currently.

U can choose which quick settings are available to use on the lock screen yes?

If you can, please tell us how.
If you can’t, that’s why this feature proposal is here.

I don’t mean the shortcuts at the bottom left and right on the lock screen, but the settings I can access by swiping down from the top.
If you mean that, then i dont know how to do that

Sorry if i’m misinterpreting what you’re asking for here, but if you want to completely remove settings from the lock screen pulldown then when you access the pulldown, look to the bottom left of the pulldown, there’s a pencil icon. If you click that then after entering your pin, you can add/remove settings from the pulldown.

No thats not the point.
Try this: enable WLAN and GPS, go to the lockscreen and try to disable WLAN and GPS, there should be a difference.

I know that was your original point, but from your reply to DoThat’s post, it seemed like you didn’t know how to edit what settings were available on the lockscreen. That’s the bit i was trying to address.