[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Log during boot and disable WiFi after reboot

hey, would it be possible to add a feature that shows the log during boot instead of the /e/ logo?
and one option to disable wifi after reboot and maybe other stuff too like the sensors too?
this would be great for debugging

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yes, this can be very useful at times. There is GitHub - Chainfire/liveboot: Sources for the LiveBoot app for rooted Android devices (eu.chainfire.liveboot) - according to the xda thread is should still work with current Android.

If you have adb already enabled, you’ll see logcat output on the attached helper when the bootanim is showing. If you’re stuck earlier this is of no help.

Without those, the kernel needs a speical build flag to store boot problems in ram to check with a recovery tool (pstore / ramoops)

i believe the devs can implement something like liveboot

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