[FEATURE PROPOSAL] MicroG Showing Google SIGNIN Button In Google Free ROM

As You Can See :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:
That Photo When I Go Setting/Account/+Add Account
Then MicroG Showing A Google Logo To Sign In With Google…

So Thing Is It’s Google Free ROM Then Why That Still Here?
So Why Not Do Something Like Disable That Completely From MicroG Or Change Setting To Something Like Instead Of Showing For Add Google Account It Will Show Us to add /E/ Account
Like :point_down::point_down::point_down: This

When People Will Click Sign In Button It Redirect To /E/ Account Manager App


Need to be changed :joy:

Why Are You Laughing? :roll_eyes:

Cause Google is “banned” from /e/

I Know that …
thats why i told in post that remove google sign in option from E

Apparently folks aren’t aware of what microG is. It’s like a subset of Play Services allowing apps that need certain G functions to operate. Lots of microG users use Play Store, Vanced YouTube, paid themes, icon packs, apps, etc. A Google login is if course necessary in this regard.

The removal of the sign-in or any other microG feature is something you would take up with the microG devs. The e.foundation does not build or otherwise modify microG (to my knowledge).

For /e/ to be Google free it would have to not use microG at all but UnifiedNlp (for location stuff) instead. I have a couple of ROMs setup that way. No device registration, no google cloud messaging, no Google.

Simply put though, if you have no intention of ever using the sign-in then it’s not a problem. I understand what you’re asking/suggesting but it’s not that simple.