[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Migrate easily to /e/ : contacts, calendar,

If /e/ aims at offering an easy alternative to commercial implementations of Aosp then offering a simple app to migrate Google stored data to /e/ powered servers would be very useful.

Contacts and calendar events migration are something every phone offers out of the box, something that could be seen as a prerequisite for adoption.

Does it make sense?


What’s you problem ? You can export contacts and Appointments from google and import them to your e.drive. Than it will automatically sync to your phone.
The only problem is in the moment, that the import into e.drive not working well. But the team is working on this issue.

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Hello, no problem but this process is not really intuitive, especially when compared to the solutions offered by larger companies. It may then slow down the transition for our non technical users.

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i completly aggree with @ega

mhm, Ok, I don’t agree, because e.foundation is and will be in future a small player. But If Gael will find a simple solution it will be fine.

I must add that if migrating my contacts (exporting them as a csv file and then importing them back in e.email) was done without issue, I’m not able to do so with my agenda contents. I created an ics file containing everything but cannot find a way to import it in https://e.email or through the current /e/ agenda app.

1/ just replying to myself, the e.drive is located at https://ecloud.global/.
2/ what is the preferred way to import contact, through ecloud.global or e.email (it seems they are not synchronized)?
3/ it has already been mentioned on gitlab on in this forum, but the vcf contacts import process fails with some contacts being imported while some not
4/ the ics import process (agenda) fails too

The import of ics and vcf files do have some know issues. A bug report is still created so we have to wait until the bug is solved.
Normally it should work on nextcloud servers. I have my own and there a can import contacts and calendar without any problem

I agree with ega. Just tried to manually import contacts (vcf) and calendar (ics) from google to e.email cloud but had the following issues:

  • groups were not preserved importing vcf (probably because google does not export the group labels within the vcf file) and csv import is not available
  • calendar was imported only very partially (less than 10% of items)

I have to maintain sync with google account for calendar and contacts but I’m having sync issues “foundation.e.dav4android.except.UnauthorizedException: HTTP401”… this is a major issue for me…

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no way to sync e with spying google


If I have written in telegram Use a csv to vcf converter which icl the group. In e use simple contacts. It have the group function build in. in E-standard contact app i can’t see a field for grous

The “group” field is also in the standard /e/ contacts so I see no need to install another contacts manager.
Your hint about using an online csv->vcf converter would imply I have to share my contacts with yet another entity… I believe that /e/ and Google are enough…

However my main problem now is that adding google accounts in /e/ calDAV and CardDAV are not working…

As I have written, there is no way to add g-accounts to e. Why should e open his OS for spying google ??

And you can also convert it by hand with your own excel https://www.emailfix.org/extract/excel-to-vcard-conversion.html

As I have written, there is no way to add g-accounts to e. Why should e open his OS for spying google ?

Because I need to step into a transition phase while working to leave google. I cannot abruptly remove everything I work with because I am currently working with google contacts, calendar, tasks.
I see that adding google accounts is available in /e/, so why are you writing that there is no way to add g-accounts?

And you can also convert it by hand with your own excel https://www.emailfix.org/extract/excel-to-vcard-conversion.html

That is interesting, however I cannot use it since I work with GNU/Linux distributions and the page refers to a Windows-only trick…

than use this
Import the csv into the Thunderbird address book.
Export from TB address book to VCF.

because I haven’t read anywhere that it will work. The google api has a two way identification which won’t work with e. sorry, but if you have better information, pls let us know

From what I know 2-steps authentication is optional and I have not activated it. So probably there is another barrier, probably on google side…

For some reason once imported in thunderbird, contacts no longer have the “group” field, that consequently is not being exported to VCF…

ok. last try:
what’s with google export to vCard (vcf) ? is i also not working ??

Of course this is the first thing I tried… unfortunately groups are being exported only in CSV format…

I have just tried this working way

  1. export to outlook cvs
  2. import in evolution (the groups will shown under ‘categories’
  3. export from evolution to vcf
  4. import vcf in e.drive / contacts
  5. sync with your phone

you can also import the vcf from Evolution direct into your phone contacts. It’s also working