[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Mobile Data Usage Indicator

I’d like to propose a feature that I personally consider really useful: A mobile data usage indicator in the quick settings.

I imagine many other users have as well limited monthly mobile data plans. So it would be great to keep an eye on this information. As a former user of MIUI (the Xiaomi version of Android), there was such an indicator (MB spent today and MB/GB still available this month) at the same place where we as /e/ users have the current date in the quick settings. This information is presently vailable but not with a quick swipe.

What do you think? Would you consider this an added value?

P.S. I already posted a feature request a little while ago but did not ask for other opinions by then (https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management/issues/253).


Very nice and agree, I’m on a budget phone plan with such tiny limits.

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Isn’t that already available by default in /e/ OS ? When I click on the “Mobile Data” tile/toggle from the quick settings panel, it displays a progression bar of my data consumption. It even allows to set limitations and alerts…