This…is going to be hard. I understand that; considering banks from around the world have to be in agreement with it but if you can imitate Google Pay but making sure nobody but the bank has access to the NFC payments, that would be amazing.

NFC is very, very bad. It’s easy the hack. If you are in super Jakarta in a row and you are paying via NFC the hacker beside the cashier could ‘read’ your transfered data with only a little work.

NFC us on my phones all times off and I’m also would never use gplay or Apple play or contactless pay via cash card. It’s really to unsecure

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If we go even further, the only way for you not to offer your bank or a third party a detailed list of your purchases that will be kept for many years is to pay in cash. Cash is freedom. But you do as you want of course :slight_smile:

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