[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Night mode feature

Please add night mode


Pl can you provide more details as to what is this feature, where it is used and which type of phone you are using. Also add the /e/ ROM version you are referring to.

I assume @Ram was referring to a screen filter that dims blue light. I would also like to have such a mode since all the apps available on the store do it improperly (they turn black pixels into red).
On my Fairphone 2 I had a built-in night mode that did it correctly before I changed the OS.
On /e/ it seems there’s no such feature

Nevermind, it’s actually built in /e/, I just didn’t see it.
It’s located in Settings > Display. In Nougat it’s called ‘LiveDisplay’ and in pie ‘Nightlight’.
There’s also an item you can add to the notification bar by going in edit mode and dragging it in the top area.

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This is an old topic that never got updated. I am also using the NightLight feature under Display on my Pie test build so was wondering what exactly the requirement was since we already have this inbuilt in the OS.

I think closing this post will be a good idea