[Feature Proposal] Replace Tasks app with Tasks.org

Could we consider replacing the default Tasks app with Tasks.org?
The app used by Murena has not seen active development in quite a while. Although it theoretically has features such as recurring tasks and tags, it causes issues while syncing and task management isn’t really elegant.

Tasks.org is open-source, actively developed, has all features that the current tasks app has but better implementation of those features, the interface and widgets are also more user-friendly. The only thing that it lacks are the persistent tasks in the topbar. There is an implementation in the app, but it doesn’t show up on my installation.

Any thoughts?

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Im quite unhappy with the current task app and support a switch to another one. Mainly because recurring tasks are not really possible (as far as I could tell at least).

They are, at least through the app (I believe implementing it in the Nextcloud interface is still in progress). But it doesn’t really work well. I get error messages. The sync causes issues both server and client side. Online, other users (also non Murena users) have similar issues without a solution.
It is a very nice app that offers a simple interface for what it needs to do. However, Tasks.org is just better at almost everything it does.