[Feature Proposal] Schedule Swith on / off for smartphone

Hi I request a feature. (i used in MIUI ).
it is very useful if i can schedule my phone’s on / off.


I assume you mean to turn off the phone ringer during specified times. If that is what you meant, there is a feature in Settings > Sound, called “Do not disturb” (on most phone menus, do a search for “Disturb” in the search inside Settings if you can’t find it). With this feature, you can specify a time range that you don’t want to be interrupted (but you can set conditions with this too). Say you are using a work phone and you don’t want to get calls or texts after 5:00 PM but you do want calls from your mom and your spouse. This is possible with this feature. You program it not to disturb you from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM but to allow calls from your favorites (of which your mom and spouse are set to).

If I misunderstood your question, please feel free to explain and possibly give an example and I will try to help you if it is possible.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for the reply,

I meant to say that if i set my cell phone to shut down at 10 pm, it will shut down at 10 pm regularly and if i set it to switch on at 5 am in the morning it will switch on by itself. And if Alarm is set at 4 am then it will switch on by itself to ring the alarm.
This is very useful and perhaps better than Do Not Disturb. It saves a lot of battery.

Ref. this feature is available in MIUI.

Thanks for taking interest.



you can request this feature on the gitlab by opening a “New issue”.

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Sorry, I am not aware of a power shut down. I realize it saves battery. If the phone is really off, then there is no software running in the background to help it remember that the power needs to be turned on at 5:00 AM. I am thinking this is a hardware feature for this model phone and not something a typical android can do.

However, there are various modes of sleep, including a deep sleep which could theoretically save the battery, reduce bandwidth. When you press the power button, it wouldn’t boot up with the phone logo, it look like the phone was off and immediately switch on. This might work for you. The software is probably out there, but I can’t vouch for it.

Best of luck.


The BlackBerry had this feature, and of course, this means that it was never turned off completely.

Yes, it might be never shut down completely but still it saves a lot of battery.

On my old Huawei I only used the switch off feature and never the switch on one. So I do not know for sure if it was completely turned off.

I know for sure that in the morning at manual turn on, the phone performed the entire procedure with splash screen, turning on the phone then the wifi then … then… then…

So I can assume it was turned off.

That’s a feature very handy, not only for saving battery but also to remind you that there is an IMPORTANT family and TRUE social life to attend to.

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  • Some computers have this kind of feature… in the BIOS so it is about hardware. iPhones boot if an alarm is scheduled, and it is maintainable just because Apple both designs the hardware and the software.
  • Scheduled startup does not mean the phone is not completely down: it may be just an interrupt on the hardware clock, which is always running…
  • Maybe you could be interested in [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Airplane mode and do not disturb to save battery.
  • About the social aspect, what does scheduling phone shut down bring compared to scheduled do not disturb?