[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Tasks in calendar app

Hello Community,

First I’d like to thank the /e/ team for this really great software. I am using /e/ for more than 2 years, and I am really happy with it.

Is there a way to display tasks in the calendar (Etar) app? It would be a game-changer for me on implementing GTD methodology. Switching between tasks and calendar apps to check if I am available is a bit frustrating. It make time management not possible this way.

I am using e.cloud calendar and tasks. The web interface allows to display tasks on calendar view, and it is perfect form me. It would be really great to do the same on mobile app.

Andrzej ‘Ogniwo’

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Hi All,

I would love to see the same feature as well.

Just recently made my move away from Googie to e community. G has separate calendar event, reminder and task which I really like but the 3 of them seem to be completely independent in /e/ OS. I adapted to just have calendar and task, but still it’d be nice to see those tasks in the calendar along with other events.


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This is a really good idea. @Manoj could you mark this topic as feature request? I was using it recently with the Simplemobiletools Calendar app, as they had recently implemented it

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