[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Tasks in calendar app

Hello Community,

First I’d like to thank the /e/ team for this really great software. I am using /e/ for more than 2 years, and I am really happy with it.

Is there a way to display tasks in the calendar (Etar) app? It would be a game-changer for me on implementing GTD methodology. Switching between tasks and calendar apps to check if I am available is a bit frustrating. It make time management not possible this way.

I am using e.cloud calendar and tasks. The web interface allows to display tasks on calendar view, and it is perfect form me. It would be really great to do the same on mobile app.

Andrzej ‘Ogniwo’

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Hi All,

I would love to see the same feature as well.

Just recently made my move away from Googie to e community. G has separate calendar event, reminder and task which I really like but the 3 of them seem to be completely independent in /e/ OS. I adapted to just have calendar and task, but still it’d be nice to see those tasks in the calendar along with other events.



This is a really good idea. @Manoj could you mark this topic as feature request? I was using it recently with the Simplemobiletools Calendar app, as they had recently implemented it


Hi @cedricoola, @Manoj: is there any thread to follow up on this feature request?

There is also a section within Gitlab issues, where Feature proposals are made.

Gitlab issues #Feature proposal.

Creating the issue there might be a way to escalate the suggestion into the view of devs.

I also miss this feature.

Created a feature proposal in their gitlab. Please upvote for more traction.

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Are you sure? Via CALDAV?

There is not at the moment, mostly because it is not present in the upstream app (ETAR). There is an open issue for this in the ETAR issue tracker

/e/ are unlikely to spend time implementing it in their own fork, so it will probably only appear in /e/ Calendar sometime after it gets implemented upstream (if it ever does). So if you need to see Task due dates in your Calendar app, then best to use a Calendar app that already supports them. the Simplemobiletools Calendar app has already been mentioned. The linked ETAR issue also mentions

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In android 9 (pie) todoagenda was showing both tasks and calendar from DAV5x. And that was on a Samsung S8. This functionality disappeared in android R on a moto 5S.

Hi all, I’m developing etar tasks features (compatible with Opentasks)

here my repo: GitHub - mebitek/Etar-Calendar: Android open source calendar with a working version. still miss some features.

however I’d like to use the /e/os version of etar but I’m unable to build it due some errors

I cannot use the e-ui.jar due Can’t convert to color: type=0x1 cause labels lineageos.platform are not correctly substituted.

someone could point me out to build /e/os etar version so I can port my changes on it?
I’m still waiting my xiaomi redmi note 9 pro to be unlocked so I can move on /e/os



I am also very interested in this feature. In the web browser online calendar of Murena Cloud, the tasks are visible, and this great! We need to bring this feature to Etar.