[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Voice dictation on /e/

I have no idea if voice dictation has already been handled, but if it hasn’t, we may be able to do something with an app called Kõnele.

Kõnele is a proper voice input app, which allows it to provide voice dictation for the AOSP keyboard and other apps. it’s also free and open-source.

While it’s default server doesn’t support English, private servers can be used as discussed here.


Firefox also has a voice dictation project in the works, but as far as I know, Kõnele is the only thing that is working right now.

Also, voice dictation is not the same as a voice assistant. I can’t find the edit button now.

You said it, /e/ devs should set up a Kõnele server(damn, it’s difficult to type that õ stuff), which called Kaldi gstreamer or PocketSphinx gstreamer.

I support this.
Meanwhile Mozilla is triyng to built his own voice recognition system. People can contribute by giving their voice or validating samples, here : https://voice.mozilla.org/


Hi all,

I’ve also been thinking about this recently, it would be very helpful to be able to dictate text. I had hoped that ASK would support this but it doesn’t seem to work:

Mozilla’s DeepSpeech is a bit heavy to run on-device I think, and in any case it’s just had its funding cut.

Voice control is becoming more and more popular and in some countries or demographics I have read that it is the most common input method (not necessarily most useful, but the most commonly used). This should be high on /e/'s list of things to support.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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