[FEATURE PROPSAL] Calender: Add a Week view that dose not scrole

The week view of the default calendar dose not show currently all appointments at a glance. You can easily miss late appointments.

My request would be an additional week view simular in layout to winodws phone (I think 8) week view:

You see the seven days of a week and a minuture version of the month hilighting the current week the day and also showing which other days this month has appointments.

If you’d like to have a weekly view on your calendar, you could try Simple Calendar Pro from f-droid. Everything is clear at one glance!
Bonus: you could scroll at the bottom of the calendar and choose 3, 4…, 6, 7 or more days’view. Useful too!


/e/'s Calendar app is a fork of the ETAR App and /e/ will not spend time adding features that are not in the priginal. If ETAR includes new features, then /e/ will pcik them up eventually, when they get round to updating their fork. So for new feature requests you would be better off raising it in the ETAR Issue Tracker. Realistically, even if ETAR agreed to the new feature, it is not going to happen anytime soon.

Easiest way is to find a Calendar app that already has what you want, and use that instead of the built-in app

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So why doing a fork if you not add or delete features ?

@karibooooo The view in Simple Calendar Pro is simular to the stock calender /e/ uses. So that is not what I searching for.

@petefoth Thanks for that info, I actually found an issue (a year old) that asks for the same https://github.com/Etar-Group/Etar-Calendar/issues/1102. Maybe I find time some day and make a pull request

I also looked for different apps, but The only app I found was payed, and I wasn’t able to pay goole for apps yet…

Good question. In this case /e/ forked ETAR (and K-9 Mail, QKSMS) to give them all the same colour scheme. You might think that is a waste of time and resources - I couldn’t possibly comment :wink:

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