Feature Reguest: Long term updates :-)

Hello together,

i found an old Samsung Galaxy S4 (i found it in the hand of my mom, shes using it).
I see in the list, that there is /e/ nougat for it.

Does nougat gets security updates? Or is it too old?
Can i use it?

I think there will be a big chance for c (and any alternative mobile OS) if there will be a long term support. Because everyone can use /e/ after android stopped the support for a device.

So there are two questions.
Can i use nougat (with security updates and modern apps etc.)?
What does the community think of a LTS (long term support) /e/?

Greets Timotheus

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The latest build from 30 January 2021
Comes with the 5 December 2020 security update

Hi Peiro,

thanks for your answer. So Nougat on an Galaxy s4 will be a good idear.

Can you please teach me how to fish: Where can i find this information?

Thanks you Markusk

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All the documentation you can find here and in this forum.

thanks for your answer.

But on the site behind your link is the description of the OS. Where can i find the date of the last update?

Thanks Markusk

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From there you can search on …click on click…