Feature request: 'Link' /e/ calendar app to 'Etar' from App Store

Dear /e/ team,

the default /e/ cal seems to be the ‘Etar’.
Included with my most recent /e/ ver ist Calendar / Etar 1.0.18.
This one crashes when selecting certain calendar events (no pattern found yet).

→ Installed the most recent Etar 1.0.21 from App Store
→ no problems with it.
Inconveninece: Now I have two cal apps, the default Cal and the more recent Etar, while both are the same app(?).
Would be great if the included Cal would be ‘recognized’ and updated from the App Store('s Etar version).

Pls correct me if I’m on wrong assumptions,
Keep /e/ing,

PS: My rationale: The standard tools should do their (basic) job as good as possible in order to avoid workarounds and demand for redundant apps.

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