[Feature Request]: One-click root in Developer Options; or 'root spoofer' and Root ADB

A ‘rooted’ phone merely allows superuser to run apps via the SubstituteUser binary… it should be as easy as flipping an option in Developer Options to ‘root’ the phone.

So I propose a ‘one-click root’ option in Developer Options which enables superuser and enables root ADB. That way we don’t have to go through the machinations generally necessary to ‘root’ the phone… this will reduce the number of bricked phones due to improper rooting, and will attract more people to the Murena brand.

We used to have root ADB in Developer Options, but it’s disappeared with the latest version.

The primary goal is to grant permissions to apps such that they can run, so if ‘one-click root’ can’t be implemented, at least have a ‘root-spoofer’ (a stub which tells apps which check for superuser that it’s available), then allow root ADB so we can grant the app the permissions it needs, even if the phone’s not rooted.

Why the ‘root spoofer’? Because as a proxy to determining if a phone is rooted, some apps check for supersu, and if it’s not available, the app errors out. The ‘root spoofer’ would at least get past that cursory check so the app continues running, then one could manually grant the permissions the app needs to run via root ADB.

That way, the phone can run non-rooted, but apps which require root could still be run; and the phone would still be as secure as a non-rooted phone (apps which require root but which haven’t had the necessary permissions granted would error out because the phone’s not actually rooted).