Feature Request: reset camera to default user settings when closing camera app

When using camera app, I frequently modify camera shooting settings based on the subject matter, typically focus mode, video vs photo mode, selfie mode, flash and exposure.

The problem is, next time I use the camera, those settings are very likely wrong for the next photo scene causing missed shots.

Feature request: provide a user option to automatically reset camera settings to a default profile when exiting (or starting) the camera app.

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It would be better to have a button ‘Restore default settings’, rather than doing it automatically. If I used the camera regularly for a task where I want to use different settings, I would be pretty annoyed if I had to change those settings every time I started the app!

That’s why it should be a user option. Automatic for those who need that behavior, otherwise you have to reset it manually which is the current behavior. The problem with the current behavior is: by the time you menu dive to reset the camera, you lose the shot.