Feature request: voting on feature request :)

Hi all, i’ve seen with other startups often a community webpage that allowed people to post feature requests and to vote on them. Would that perhaps be an idea for /e/ as well? I thought it was a very community-friendly way of involving users and it made me feel ‘heard’!


you can ‘vote’ for an request if you and an comment or using ‘the heart’ like saying thank you

I would like the icons of active functions in the drop down menu to be colored, while the inactive ones remain grey. It helps for very quickly recognizing if the wifi or bluetooth is on or off.

I think you are on a wrong post here. This post is regarding the “request” post.

But anyway: On all my three devices the active buttons are blue and the inactive are grey. So, what kind if device do you have and which e version (nougat or oreo or pie) are you using.

Nexus 5x and I update twice a week, so it’s not an old version (I have no idea about Nougat, Oreo, or Pie (it says Android version 8.1.0))

Ok, 8.1.o ia oreo. 7xxx is nougat and 9xx is pie. You can also.see it on e vetsion. V7-n is nougat, v7-o is oreo and v7-p is pie

Now you can do 2 things:

  1. Ask in telegram group other nexus5x users if they also have this issue
  2. Create an issue on gitlab

Isn’t that giving by the thumbs-up on gitlab.e.foundation issues of type feature request?

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Yes, but that’s on gitlab. I think he means the forum

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I meant like this (see image), from https://featureupvote.com/blog/software-organise-feature-requests/

Or does Gitlab work like this too…?

Gitlab does not work exactly like this but you can give a thumbs up to a suggestion - fix.

Just an update on this: I believe our forum uses Discourse software. Discourse has a plugin that allows the site admin to allow voting for a specific category on the site:

I think it would be great if the /e/ team could consider to create a new category called “feature requests” on this forum, with this plugin so we could all vote for the features. (I realize this may be possible on Gitlab as well, but I think Gitlab is better suited for reporting bugs, and this forum is more appropriate for feature requests, given how we use it)

Hi @Rik we already have a section where users can request a feature. The idea is a request is made and other users add their comments for or against the idea and if an idea proves popular the user raises a request on gitlab. We already have a huge backlog :frowning: Once on Gitlab the dev team when assigned an issue will asses if it is technically even possible and if yes we set timelines for it and add it to the plan.

Cool, I did not know about this section. I’ll start using it! I still think adding a voting plugin to that section would be a huge plus in terms of getting users engaged.

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