[Feedback] Difficulties to find pricing and how to upgrade my ecloud plan

Hi here !

It’s my first post here, so please mods don’t hesitate to move my post in a better suited category.

Disclaimer : I’m not native in English, and I may be assertive in the way I express myself. Please remember this is only my feedback, that I am but one person, and that this post is anecdotal by essence.

So I’m finally taking some time to try /e/. I’ve installed the OS on an old phone (my Oneplus One), set up an account, your documentation and websites made it really easy, kudos and thanks for that!

Then, I spent about one afternoon, 4 tries and juggling between 5-6 tabs to find out about the ecloud plans and pricing you propose. I work with computer all day long, on web communication, so I usually am not bad at finding information but here, to me, it really wasn’t obvious at all ;).

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve, give better access to information and ease newcomers like me into upgrading their plan (if they want to).

  1. Show prices from the get go ?

Not showing prices in your ecloud page e.foundation/ecloud/ is a choice, I was expecting to see them here.

I understand that upgrading my plan implies that I must have set up an account beforehand. But here the message I’m getting is “if you want to know how much a 64 GB plan, you have to create an account first.” But if I’m interested in /e/, its is because I distrust companies that want me to create an account and get my data.

So when I make this effort of creating an account just to access a price list it’s even more disappointing to come back on this page (e.foundation/ecloud), and find out this page doesn’t reveal prices when I’m logged in (because it isn’t linked to my being logged in my ecloud account, but at first I expected it would be).

Maybe you could show plan pricing from the get go… or add a link “Already have an account ? Find out your upgrade options here !”, even if that link must make me log in my ecloud account first.

  1. Highlight the button on the nextcloud interface ?

So I looked everywhere I thought this link would be. It wasn’t on the e.foundation website, OK, so I looked on my ecloud/nextcloud interface. In my profile page, in my settings page, nothing.

Then I facepalmed myself hard : I had missed the grey bottom-left “upgrade my quota” button in the “file”/“home” tab : https://asso.framasoft.org/pic/Pcd4ZX6f/tw8nHsAB.png

I really think it should be highlighted (in a contrasting color ?), because my eyes have skipped over it lots of times, during a whole afternoon.

I would also add the same button either in my profile or in my setting page (in nextcloud). If you think it is being pushy, maybe, if possible, add a way to mask/close this button…? But I really expected to find it in some places, and it wasn’t there.

  1. More links towards the shop ?

So I finally was able to get to https://esolutions.shop/e-cloud-subscriptions/ (and I still have to upgrade my plan, BTW, but that’s another story :stuck_out_tongue: !)

I understand that linking this shop page from my ecloud interface allow you to to add a token to make sure I will upgrade my account. But I really think it is a missed opportunity to only have one way, one door to find this page.

I don’t want /e/ to make people buy and upgrade more, and I applaud the fact you are not using dark patterns and manipulative designs. But having to look harder to get to the information/action I wanted to get to is a missed opportunity both for the foundation and its audience.

Anyway, this is quite a nice problem to have, because in a nutshell I’m telling y’all “shut up and take my money!” :wink:

I really hope my feedback and suggestions will be read as I meant them: a helping hand from a friend, and not an injunction from a wannabe Karen!

Thanks again for the great work!


Hello @Pouhiou

Thanks for your feedback! I hope the new designs implemented with the launch of murena.io and murena.com are more aligned with your expectations. We know the flow still needs some improvement for the unlogged users and we’re working on it.

Feel free to provide feedbacks on these new flows and designs :wink:

Have a nice day.

Hi @Pouhiou welcome to the /e/ forum from another Oneplus One user!

I am working on the prosect of being able to upgrade our devices to official v1.0-q.

I hope you continue to benefit from and enjoy /e/; great feedback btw.