Feedback for v1.2

Couldn’t upgrade to 1.2 as I’m running under Pie (that was delivered with the brand new FP3 I bought two years ago from eFoundation e-store). :frowning:
I’m waiting for eFoundation to deliver a way to migrate from Pie to whatever newer version without losing my phone data…

Maybe that is the reason:

Hello, I can’t do any upgrate till this one :

So I am very far of this subject…
I’m using a FP3 bought at /e/.

I did get that there won’t be any OTA upgrade for Pie.
But my understanding is that there might one day be some workaround, such as a full reinstall capability (to Q or R or whatever) with data and apps backup and restore.
That would definitely work for me… as long as it doesn’t take a decade to happen! :slight_smile:

Not automatically.

Thanks Nicolas,
No, I haven’t asked for help at this time. My understanding is that there is currently no simple way to upgrade while keeping the whole set of data and apps in the phone, but that the folks at eFoundation are considering workarounds.
So for the time being, I’m applying the “wait” option… :wink:


Source, or wishful thinking.

If you are referring to Seedvault … it’s coming, it’s not perfect either, and it’s not in Android 9 (Pie) as far as I understand.

fwiw, I’ve updated from Android 7 straight to Android 10 before, it isn’t impossible.
Were signing keys changed or something similar? I don’t see a reason in-place upgrade wouldn’t work.

Most users of Fairphone 3/3+ (@Bigrette and @PhilA both are) face a locked bootloader (the default end step of any install on these phones).

Without an OTA upgrade there’s only installing manually, and for that the bootloader needs to get unlocked, forcing a factory reset for security reasons, deleting user data.

I did leave my bootloader unlocked deliberately from the start (accepting the accompanying security implications), and I indeed did a “dirty” install to get from Android 9 (Pie) to Android 10 (Q), keeping all my stuff.
So for that situation you are correct, but it’s not a common situation at all on the Fairphone 3/3+.


After 2-3 weeks, i didn’t notice particular issues with 1.2 on A5 2017.
Just sometimes a weird behavior with firefox which block me in the apps (impossible to use any Burton or switch to another app) but hopefully, i can close it with the close button inside Firefox. I have not been able to find the reason for the moment… Perhaps too many tabs opened (more than 25-30).
And sometimes Trebuchet crashs…


bootloader being locked has no impact on upgrading across versions as long as signing keys were unchanged.

I have new Teracube phone. It is stuck on v 1.0 and does not recognize any new updates.

I also tried using the /e/OS Easy Installer and that does not recognize my device.

Not sure what to do here…

Then how do you upgrade an FP3 with a locked bootloader, without an OTA upgrade, with a manual install via fastboot which needs an unlocked bootloader?

Why can’t you just adb sideload the latest OTA zip?

It is no different than manually updating across versions on stock OS.

Fastboot files should only be used for initial installs, and as you mention can only be flashed when unlocked.
OTA files can be used from system updater apps and the recovery, and work when locked as long as signing keys match.

I have multiple bootloader locked devices that have been in-place upgraded from 10 to 11 to 12 in real-world use.

Here is a bootloader locked and verified boot enforcing sailfish that went from 10 to 11.
LineageOS only added 11 support in February of 2022:
Yet many application were installed November of 2020.

Nothing like wishful thinking there.
Info from /e/ Help Desk, end of June.


/e/OS on FP3 initially gets installed via fastboot and then does A/B seamless updates.
Recovery isn’t involved.

There is no useful OTA ZIP unless somebody intercepts an OTA URL or file and proves the OTA file can be used on FP3 to upgrade with the updater or with the recocery.

Can you share details on what they said?
This might be really interesting for FP3 users on Android 9 (Pie).


Here is the updater endpoint, change device to anything and type to stable or dev:

Give it a try, adb sideload it.
Obviously back up best you can first in case there really is some other issue blocking /e/ from providing the update.

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I’m on the road right now and can’t check quickly, but the filenames suspiciously match the ones at

If you just download them, and they and the OTA files are the same, then they all would not be sideloadable.

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