Feedback for v1.2

/e/OS on FP3 initially gets installed via fastboot and then does A/B seamless updates.
Recovery isn’t involved.

There is no useful OTA ZIP unless somebody intercepts an OTA URL or file and proves the OTA file can be used on FP3 to upgrade with the updater or with the recocery.

Can you share details on what they said?
This might be really interesting for FP3 users on Android 9 (Pie).


Here is the updater endpoint, change device to anything and type to stable or dev:

Give it a try, adb sideload it.
Obviously back up best you can first in case there really is some other issue blocking /e/ from providing the update.

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I’m on the road right now and can’t check quickly, but the filenames suspiciously match the ones at

If you just download them, and they and the OTA files are the same, then they all would not be sideloadable.

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I verified it:

Left side is OTA (what I linked), right side is fastboot (what you linked).
Left side is sideloadable.

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Ok, this looks promising, but I can’t check right now. Perhaps somebody else can step in.
Thanks for verifying.

No more details than what I wrote before:
They were studying different scenarii to workaround the problem, including with a complete OS reinstall with data and applications backup.

Hi @Skeezix54 welcome to the /e/ forum

Is this a Murena purchased phone? If yes your first port of call is

If it is self installed you might do better to start a new thread.

Good luck.


So, I asked, and this should be interesting, @Bigrette @PhilA


This looks like good news :slight_smile:
Thank you, @AnotherElk!


Besides the seemingly Orbot-induced battery drain - so far I lack any hints on how to check this - I ran into another issue. I wondered whether the Corona Tracing doesn’t behave like it used to and often begs for exposure checking while not updating status.
In fact it doesn’t work anymore with the current microG (18214816000):

It doesn’t work because the microG on your phone according to your screenshot doesn’t have the Exposure Notification framework, which is the default state of microG in /e/OS, and sometimes the state after an /e/OS update.

“If microG EN becomes unavailable on your device after an /e/OS update, do not worry, you can simply reinstall it on your device following the steps given in this guide.”


Thanks a lot.
Installed manually, bookmarked the download page, EN works again.

Only I would prefer to get a notification by the app or microG that the EN is malfunctioning instead of discovering this by incident.^^


microG can’t tell you, because from its point of view nothing’s wrong, the version without the framework has no reason to complain about the missing framework.
The tracing App could tell you, but doesn’t until you open it :man_shrugging:.

Just add this to your list of crucial phone functionalities you need working and thus check after every OS update. If you don’t have such a list, start one (if you need some inspiration, here’s an old example). Things can go wrong with updates.


You’re right, both on the problem of non-notification-notification (…) and the list of things to check.
Started one.

Still having issues with Google Calendar synchronization (still getting notifications for events I deleted ~weeks ago) but haven’t had time to open a new issue…

As v1.3 is released and developers will surely concentrate on this version, perhaps check whether the issue persists with v1.3 and then consider opening an issue or commenting here … Feedback for v1.3


Thank you for the suggestion. I was not aware. It took me some time to find where the cache could be emptied (inside the phone settings > Applications > …
It seems it has improved the situation.

mobi.inthepocket.bcmc.bancontact is not working

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