Feedback for v1.20

Vendor Name: Gigaset
Device Name: GS 290
Previous Version of /e/OS: 1.19.1-s
not rooted
Update often canceled during Installation. All functions given.
All the Time on the Phone was Bliss Launcher, since 1.20 additional Trebuchet.
Battery life is fine,with moderate use, up to four days running time.
Except in the status bar, the Battery display shows constantly 0%.
Deeper into the battery settings it is ok and shows the right percentage.

Thanks cemol71 - that did the trick. I am now on 1.20 T - it seems to be a bit laggy (slower operation).

But I still wonder about the developers’ reasons behind not providing this version upgrade via OTA (the R to S upgrade was provided via OTA for my phone).

The truth is the large majority of the (potential) /e/OS user base is non-technical. They struggled through the initial /e/OS installation (or asked a friend to do it for them), in the idea that it was a one-off. But if this becomes a regular thing (all version upgrades for most phone models will not be provided as OTA), I see many people losing interest in /e/OS very fast.

One change I’ve noticed is that since the upgrade to 1.20T, the phone call screen doesn’t show anymore (incoming calls or ongoing calls screen goes into the notifications bar by default, rather than being in the foreground by default).

Does anybody know if this is expected behaviour?

Trebuchet (the launcher inherited from LineageOS) was always there, as /e/OS still relies on it for some basic functions, if I remember correctly.
Are you seeing it now in a place you didn’t see it before? If so, where?

OTA upgrades to new underlying Android versions done in a responsible manner need serious development and testing time and effort invested in a single device for a single upgrade step. With limited resources the developers will need to carefully choose where to invest that time and effort, you can follow proceedings in the weekly Development and Testing Updates … … currently in section “OS OTA related information”.

This is indeed curious, since I don’t find it announced, and I only find mentions of manual upgrades in the forum, even mentioning some necessary updating of the stock firmware being involved. I don’t have the device, so I don’t really know.
If it’s not just me not finding it, it might have been a hiccup or misconfiguration on the update server side. If it worked out well for you nonetheless, we’ll take it, I suppose. Even with officially prepared OTA upgrades not every user is this lucky, they are tricky to do regardless of the device or OS.

This has been and still is the situation, and I guess it will not change without either an army of developers on /e/OS’s side which likely will not arrive anytime soon, or with Android’s basic functioning changed in a way I’m not sure is even possible.

The chance to get OTA upgrades will be much higher when choosing a phone Murena sell (or sold) themselves. This just needs to be communicated so that interested users are aware before taking the plunge.

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It is interesting to hear you say that, as I’ve just upgraded my S7 edge 3 days ago (it was on 1.17 Q) and it offered me 1.20 R, via OTA (and the upgrade was successful, with no issues on the new version).

S7 Edge is hero2lte.

The problem is almost all the phones Murena have chosen to sell are “niche” phones - ok if you live in Europe or US, but very difficult to get and almost impossible to support in many parts of the world.

I was hopeful when they started with the refurbished Samsung S9, but obviously the idea of continuing to sell/support Samsungs was ditched, and unless they decide to increase support for at least one of the mainstream brands (currently they only support one Google phone and no other major brands), this pathway is a no-go for me (I don’t live either in US or EU).

I’m glad to know that it helped you, but I just put the link.
the other guys did much effort on a clear process description.

About the ota that you pointed. I’ve no clue about it.
But I think regarding the really high amount of devices, I can represent myself that some of them could be forgotten or somewhere iin a small part wrongly handled, or simply it could be a point of priority.
The higher prio is for the official /e/ devices, I don’t the other higher prio.
And I don’t know which other had a similar issue, but there are for sure…
Is just an impression…

In Settings/ Battery/ Battery usage, there was daily Bliss before that. Now I see Trebuchet.

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After several days of usage I recognized that at some point each day the system fails in two different ways.

Sometimes the internet (mobile) cannot be used anymore. I receive communication errors from diffrrent web services and I am not being able to browse to a webpage. Even though 5G is being displayed top right and broadcast monitor is showing tranfser rates. Rebooting the system will solve the problem until a new occurance.

Some other time the system freeze. The lock screen is fully responsible and is displaying the correct time. After unlocking the touchscreen and buttons are out of function. Sometimes the time is counting as the only movement on the screen.
Only thing to do is holding the power button to hard reboot the device. After some seconds a short vibration can be felt like some kind of notification.
When the devices has rebooted I can see in the Settings → Battery usage menu that the graph line shows a gap like the phone has been turned off.

Anyone else experienced the same behavior?

It really is annoying to not know if the device is currently in an active state or not, so any help is appriciated.

Vendor Name: Google
Device name: Pixel 5 (5G)
Device CodeName: redfin
Version of /e/OS which existed previously: e-1.19-t
Device is not rooted

Updated to e-1.20 yesterday. Update process OK. Everything looks good so far.


With my S7 I’ve had this type of crash 3 times since switching to V1.20. I was wondering if it wasn’t due to my phone, which is getting a bit old. But if other people have the same problem, it could be due to version 1.20.

If the upgrade from /e/OS1.19-s-android12 to /e/OS1.20t-android13 was not done on a clean empty phone (all data erased), then I would try erasing everything (format+wipe in /e/OS recovery) then re-install the t - 1.20.
Another solution would be to go back to 1.19s

@PopeElizabeth First try to reflash e-1.20-t over itself
before such radical solution…

Thanks you for your input.
I already anticipated that someone will tell me to wipe and install again. You are right with the assumption that I performed a dirty flash from Android 12 to 13 without installing Stock Android 13 on that device. I did that when upgrading from Android 11 to 12 and had not problems of any kind. But with all the backup processes come in place when wiping the phone I was to comfortable to do it this time. So it may be my fault.

@piero Thank you, too. Maybe that is something I will try to get rid off the misbehavior. Otherwise I will wait for 1.21 and hope for the best.

Is it possible to use the Error report (from developer options) menu tab to get a hint where the issue could come from or even identify the root cause of it? Browsing the logs after a crash would fit me more than re-configuring my phone including format+wipe in /e/OS recovery.

  • Vendor Name : GOOGLE
  • Device name : Pixel 7
  • Device CodeName : panther
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously : 1.19 -T- dev
  • Is the device Rooted / Not rooted : not rooted

Everything works fine.

  • Vendor Name : Samsung
  • Device name : S10e
  • Device CodeName : beyond0lte
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously : 1.19-s-dev

Update following this tip.

Everything works fine.


Here a way to relock the bootloader (didn’t try) :

I have uncovered a new bug: if I load a webpage containing any embedded media (video/sound) in the default browser while playing something via the PodcastAddict app, the sound temporarily drops to half volume for about 3-5 seconds. this happens, even if none of the media in the new webpage is set to auto-play - just by being in the page, it affects the sound volume for the playing app.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10+