Feedback for v1.5

No Samsung S9 update showing yet.


My Fairphone 4 has /e/OS 1.4 installed. Though the latest release is 1.5-r. Tapping “refresh” results in “No new updates found”.

As I recall - the only settings I have changed relate to not updating the app lounge. I’m currently using F-droid - due to reported security issues with the app lounge (maybe those security “holes” have been resolved in the 1.5 releases?).

Thanks for \e\OS and any thoughts regarding the update issue.

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There is still no stable 1.5 for FP4. It will arrive in the coming days.

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Hi, friends, great work. On my pocophone f1 I did the system update update via OTA. It’s running all right.


Moto One 5G Ace:

In Files, if I enter the Downloads directory by using the upper left hamburger menu, I see an HUGE number of files that appear as ‘Downloading…’

If I enter through the tile button halfway down in the right hand column, the downloaded files are displayed normally.

This isn’t an experience-ruining issue, but something I noticed as I usually use the hamburger menu when navigating in Files.

a tricky one. It needs disabling of antitracking measures as is blocked and then you run into a broken intent filter in Mail. I’m filing the patch so might get changed soonish

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Hmm, get an installation error on it (Xperia Z5 Compact). Are you on Android 11?

1.5-dev Q became available on my FP3+ this afternoon and installed without problems :+1:


Camera, banking apps, etc. working well too (on FP3)?

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1.5-r and 1.5-q are available in the FP3 dev channel now, 1.5-q came out about today.


My FP3 stable upgraded from 1.4 q to 1.5 r without any issue.
My FP4 stable updated from 1.4 r to 1.5 r and seems to work fine.
Thank’s dev team. Thank’s @Manoj


On OnePlus 6T (fajita) after updated via OTA, the phone can’t reboot. The recovery screen indicate an unbootable corrupted system.

After updated to 1.5 using adb sideload everything is working again.

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Again, no notifications on French medias like Le Monde, FranceInfo, Footmercato, L’Equipe…

FP3+ running great! Thanks for the good work

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Oneplus 8, everything works fine with v1.5, except banking app still not working. Hopefully the team will repair this issue in the next update.

FP4 install and restart went well, mobile data connection still needs several switches into airplane mode to connect properly.
No other issues so far.

Interesting. How did you get that?
FP3 stable 1.5-r seems neither available for manual install nor OTA currently.
Q to R OTA upgrading for FP3 was also not announced as available at Week 44, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates.

Are you in the testing group for this or were you running a special dev build for testing out a fix for an issue? (I saw the updater of such a build offering a Q to R upgrade once, when it shouldn’t have been available officially.)

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Hi, I got my upgrade 1.4 q stable → 1.5 r yesterday evening too. I forced the lookup for new updates in the updater and got the OTA right away.
Everything works fine (only issue the already mentioned: “old” microG 0.2.24 is still rolled out).

I also forced the lookup for new updates in the updater (refreshing like crazy) and got the OTA upgrade to Android R.


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I think it’s not just me who finds it very hard to believe that all of a sudden an OTA upgrade from Q (stable) to R becomes available without any further public announcement. Could you please check Settings > About phone to see which Android version (10 or 11) your FP3 is on now? :slight_smile: