Feedback for v1.5

Pl share feedback on the v1. 5 build for your devices and application you use in this thread. Refer category description here
A poll to get a better idea on each build.

  • I have updated to v1.5 on my device and it is working well
  • I updated to v1.5 but I am having issues (Please share the issue details on this thread)
  • I am not able to update to v1.5 (Please share the issue details on this thread)

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Beryllium updated.
Working perfectly… as usual with poco f1 phone :wink:

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Working good on Pixel

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T720 updated via OTA-Update.
The first impression is good.

Mail app is still not working with MS Outlook accounts and OAuth2.

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Updated Sony Xperia Z5 compact. No issues. MicroG is still 2.24.

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Updated my Mi8 yesterday. So far running good. Lost 4% in 35min (doing nothing). MicroG ist still


Passing this info to the team. Will update

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Unfortunately we missed out adding the MicroG v0.2.25 .
The reason why we missed adding MicroG v0.2.25 to the builds is this version came out 8 days back, while the build we ran for testing was made on 5th Oct :slight_smile:

We are checking how and when we can release it. Will update in these threads.


Using Samsung S8, e OS version 0.23-20220406176461.
Update not showing in “system updater”.


I’m using a Pixel 5 (redfin), v1.4
The update shows in system updates, I can download it but when I click on install, it fails with an “install error” message.
I tried a couple of times, also to restart the phone, delete the update file and download it again, didn’t work.
Anything else I should try ?

Still not available on FP4 stable build. But I guess it will come soon…


Just upgraded manually from 1.4 to 1.5 on my oneplus nord avicii via adb, a major upgrade to android 11. And everything’s fine, even better than ever. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No Samsung S9 update showing yet.


My Fairphone 4 has /e/OS 1.4 installed. Though the latest release is 1.5-r. Tapping “refresh” results in “No new updates found”.

As I recall - the only settings I have changed relate to not updating the app lounge. I’m currently using F-droid - due to reported security issues with the app lounge (maybe those security “holes” have been resolved in the 1.5 releases?).

Thanks for \e\OS and any thoughts regarding the update issue.

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There is still no stable 1.5 for FP4. It will arrive in the coming days.

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Hi, friends, great work. On my pocophone f1 I did the system update update via OTA. It’s running all right.


Moto One 5G Ace:

In Files, if I enter the Downloads directory by using the upper left hamburger menu, I see an HUGE number of files that appear as ‘Downloading…’

If I enter through the tile button halfway down in the right hand column, the downloaded files are displayed normally.

This isn’t an experience-ruining issue, but something I noticed as I usually use the hamburger menu when navigating in Files.

a tricky one. It needs disabling of antitracking measures as is blocked and then you run into a broken intent filter in Mail. I’m filing the patch so might get changed soonish

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Hmm, get an installation error on it (Xperia Z5 Compact). Are you on Android 11?