Feedback for v1.9

I saw on the device matrix that for the samsung galaxy s10+ the version os is S
I’m still with R on my device, maybe is that here a block.
How may I switch or upgrade into S?
Could someone give me an hint? or a link?

Some background, but not a full explanation !

/e/OS is a fork of LineageOS. By default LineageOS publishes the latest builds only. Even if an older build is possible, only the latest is published.

/e/OS has tended to try to stabilise things for users (particularly who might be daunted by a necessary backup when upgrading Android version) and has continued to publish “older Android versions”.

The link from #e-smartphone-operating-system:development-updates warns us of the change of policy in store – users will do well to look for the relevant Upgrade page, in the case of Galaxy S10+,

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I answer to me seems to be only possible manually…
And wanted to ask for further update on R or automatic upgrade is answered below of last link…
Known issue :frowning:
try to find time and nerves to applicate it manually…

thank you very for your help and effort.

short question about the upgrade and the recovery part to download.
Should we download the recovery of the current installed variant (in my case R)
or the one for the future variant to upgrade (would be for me S then)

In resume for me who have the 1.8 R.
Should I download the recovery 1.8 R first, and apply the 1.8S?
or the recovery 1.8S and switch to build 1.8S?
or directly download the recovery 1.9S and build 1.9S?

Seems that i could directly install the build 1.9S… But with which recovery? 1.9S?

Hmmm … but there is this …

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that your smartphone is on the latest Android firmware available for your device. For example if available , before flashing /e/OS ‘S’ install Stock Android 12. [Snip, edit]

… complicated by …

Warning: Please note this upgrade build could not be tested as there were no device specific testers available. Some devices may need a revert to stock ROM prior to upgrade. To flash the stock ROM you would need to use a tool provided by your vendor.[Edit - split]

I have split this quote … it carries on

You may also need to download a recovery image built specifically for your device.

This is a generic warning, but in your case would simply have you use – and, yes, you would want the recovery to match your Android 12 = S build.

Sometimes the LineageOS Upgrage page offers another insight.

You may want more specific advice about Samsung Stock ROM, in which case probably best to search for a more Samsung specific thread or start your own new topic / thread, I suggest.

Android Backup and Restore Tools (ABRT) make use of it, for instance …

This should be Seedvault, I didn’t look much into it, there should be info available via the search, or here perhaps for a start … [HOWTO] use Seedvault early to understand Android backup - #38 by fab

you means maybe the recovery 1.9 ( recovery-e-1.9-s-20230311268558-dev-beyond2lte.img ) which passed to the build one 1.9s
No need to need to apply the 1.8.1 s with its recovery at first, the 1.9 s afterwards…

Thank you very much for your effort and your time to explain it.
I’m sorry i’m little bit scared to make a wrong manipulation, and need confirmation…
I don’t want to spent too much time and money to catch up what I made wrong…

Thanks a lot for this!
Some I hate a lot is to be the only one to have a problem, and it happens to me too much.

Yes, “as if”…

Yes, that’s SeedVault, I found the project on Github and read the FAQ, I got all the informations that I need.
I activated the backup, I don’t really understand how to get the data in the backup and if I will be able to restore it, but I’ll see (very good way to manage backups, lol).

I searched a lot and I found a way to do the backup using root adb. I could get a full backup of the data using this command on the computer on which the phone is pluged:

adb root > /dev/null && rsync -a --delete --rsh="adb" shell:/data/data/ /mnt/home/almtesh/Temporaire/Pledge/e/data/

Yes, I know I should do adb unroot when done, but I don’t want scrcpy to be terminated at each backup.

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On both
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (“Szuzuran”) R 1.9
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (“Castor”) Q 1.9

The camera app is broken.

It is a complex subject and you have a valuable, modern device. I think it simply takes a bit of time for one’s mind to absorb the importance and sequence of the necessary steps. Sorry, but I do not think I am in a position to improve on my previous answers.

I found another issue, with network location provider.
The one from Mozilla often gives me wrong location.
The solution would be to disable it, but if I do so, no other app can list nearby Wi-fi access points (of what I understood).
I have the same problem if I tell Mozilla NLP to do not use Wi-fi.

Can happen … I add Local NLP Backend … other backends are available !

I just reinstalled it and I have data about the problem.
When I ask it to show nearby emitters, I only get the LTE cell after a long scan, but when I enable Mozilla Location Service or Apple Wi-Fi, the nearby emitters show more quickly and I get the Wi-Fi emiters in the results.
I don’t really understand how it’s possible…

I set all the apps to have permanent access to exact location.


Am I the only one with this important battery usage by microG?

Oneplus Nord, avicii, 1.9 S (dev)

Best regards


  • Fairphone
  • FP3+ Refurbished (from Murena shop)
  • /e/OS 1.8
  • Not rooted

I didn’t get a notification for the update (nor for some apps in the app lounge). I would never have known there would be an update if I hadn’t checked manually.

All is working as expected (as far as I can tell for now) but the new Android quick setting panel UI is just hideous. I thought at first some accessibility option for visually impaired was activated but no, it’s just the new horrible design with those big ugly buttons. Damn what were they thinking ? Why turning something that works well to this nightmarish, non-intuitive and impractical crap ? :face_vomiting:
Hope there will be a solution to go back to the classic look (I’ve seen there are freemium apps that do that but NOPE).

Not by Android itself, really, since this is the new design system, called Material3. And I’d rather the eOS developer team spend their time on a stable operating system with reliable privacy functions than trying to revert these UI changes. But those are just my two cents.


Sure /e/os devs have more important tasks to work on. And yes, I doubt Android will change their mind on this, although I have seen lot of complaints about this new UI.
Lets see… For now I will just accept and adapt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any new UI needs some time to get used to it, give yourself at least 2 weeks…

Dear all,

A quick follow-up on my issues since I installed /e/OS 1.9s on my Fairphone 3:

  • I am able to receive text messages but I cannot send any. This is particularly annoying
  • I can connect to my VPN (Mullvad) when on Wi-Fi, not on cellular network
  • I cannot share my connection when on cellular network.

So 2 questions from here:

  • Has any of you experienced similar issues ?
  • Is there a quick and easy way to rollback to /e/OS 1.8.x ?

Kind regards