Feedback for v2.0

Yeah, careful though with that version, because if you have repo on f-droid, it gets updated to old version (downgraded) accidently unless you ignore update for it.

Vendor Name: Motorola
Device name: 5G Ace
CodeName: kiev
Previously e/OS: 1.21-t
Not rooted

All is well and I am impressed with V2.0. However I cannot enable WiFi Calling, when I attempt to toggle it on the app crashes.

Unfortunately I did not test on eOS version 1.21-t, so this may not be a V2.0 issue. Any feedback to my post is welcome.

Also, when will they bring back all the color in the style settings ? It’s been so long since this bug appears and it’s still unpatched.

I have a Google Pixel 4a and when I update to 2.0, it is impossible to install it. When restarting, I get the following message: attached.
What should I do?
If I select the start option, the update is not installed. Or should I select “Reboot bootloader” as indicated without risk of crash?
Thank you for your answers.

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Same problem here.

Pixel 4a
Not rooted

I am on 1.21-R stable version, i checked that the upgrade version is /e/os V2 Android R version ( the URL link indicates that).
But the finalisation installation process (not the downloading part , neither the part "preparation before first rebooting) seems to abort at 50% approximately and directly propose to reboot.
Once reboot, it boots info fastboot mode as Gildas1 shows with his screenshot.
When i tap restart as it is propose it boots normally but on the previous version (1.21-R stable). Tried this 3 times, always the same…

How is it possible to make this upgrade ?


  • Vendor Name: Fairphone
  • Device name: Fairphone 4
  • Device CodeName: FP4
  • Version previously: /e/OS /e/OS 1.21.1-s-20240325389527-stable-FP4
  • Device is: Rooted (Magisk 27.0 [27000])

General Notes

  • Android 12 (FP4 stable does not offer A13, yet)

  • Installed for 2 days now

  • BlissLauncher has been updated to Version 3.0.1-beta. I still won’t use it, though, as widget usage is still locked to one screen and there is no app drawer (I don’t like it to have all app icons on my screens). I currently use Lawnchair 14 fork by Gooler which is regularly updated in contrast to official Lawnchair 14 that currently only offers regular nightly updates (they are not considered to be stable). Although Lawnchair 14 is still in heavy development and I also experienced some bugs, I did not find a similar experience with other launchers that are Open Source, privacy-respecting, and free of tracking and ads. Considering other BlissLauncher alternatives, I won’t recommend to use those old launchers mentioned in this thread as they are long outdated and therefore a security risk @Zok @bjoern52 @LilBeth

Positive Notes

  • Finally Browser & WebView was updated from last Bromite Version 119.0.6045.200 (no updates for almost half a year now) to Cromite Version 123.0.6312.122, still not the lastest but way to go :+1:

  • 4G/5G/LTE Call icons cloating the right side of the status bar (introduced in v1.21) have been removed, thank you.

  • Subjectively, opening and navigating between Apps feels to behave faster in comparison to v1.x

  • I like the systems new default icons introduced with v2.0


  • [UNSOLVED since v1.15] Issue with OpenCamera focus, same as reported here: “camera focus works fine though the rectangle appears red after tapping for focus on a certain area. Taking a picture results in a fine sharp photo.” With v1.13 focusing was fine and mostly showed a green rectangle when with v1.15 there is now mostly a red one
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What about all the other stuff mentioned in the release notes for 2.0-r?

Some of them are indeed present in 2.0 for the FP2:

  • QR code scanning is now available in Camera from the lower left side button → It is unclear to me what is meant by “lower left side button” (there is nothing in my Camera UI, and I did not find anything in the Camera settings)
  • (Advanced Privacy) A Wall of Shame has been added to the homepage to identify the most leaking apps and trackers → Confirmed
  • (Advanced Privacy) UI improvements → Cannot tell because I do not recall details of the previous UI
  • It’s now possible to use the Notes apps without any account → Cannot tell because I am using the phone with an account
  • Wording of the application licensing notification has been made clearer → I don’t recall having been notified regarding licenses in the past, so no comparison possible for me
  • (Apps) Search can now filter apps with no trackers or Open Source apps or Progressive Web apps → Yes, definitively there.
  • (Apps) It’s now possible to ignore the refresh session message → Refresh has not yet been necessary after the update
  • (File Synchronization) Updated to version 1.5 of eDrive for more stability of the feature → Confirmed, eDrive is at version 1.5.3
  • (Browser) Sensor exposure is reenabled → No idea how to check that
  • (Browser) and have been added as shortcuts → Confirmed
  • (Calendar) Past events are now visible up to one year in the past instead of 3 months → I do see events older than 3 months
  • (PDF reader) App now has its own adaptive icon → No icon has been added to the home screen
  • (Settings) Long pressing the power button to get the flashlight has been made the default setting → Probably only noticeable when different settings have not yet been chosen
  • (Settings) The additional Volume options available when playing music over Bluetooth are now following our guidelines → I do not know details on the guidelines, so cannot confirm / deny
  • (Updater) Update downloading is now auto resumed if needed → We’ll see when the next update is rolled out
  • LineageOS 18.1 latest bug fixes and security updates have been merged → Unfortunately, LOS EOL’ed FP2 support
  • Browser updated to version 123.0.6312.122 from upstream → Confirmed
  • Message updated to v3.10 from upstream → 3.10.1; confirmed
  • microG updated to v0.3.1.240913 from upstream →; confirmed

Kind regards


Same here (Feedback for v2.0 - #179 by thierryj)

Vendor Name: Murena
Device name: Murena 2
Device CodeName: Murena 2
Version of /e/OS: 2.0 T Stable 2
Is the device Rooted: No

Since the update I can no longer make calls, nobody understands me or can’t hear me at all.
Sim card removed and reinserted. Smartphone switched off. And tested the Fossify phone app, same problem. I own a second Murena 2 and will test it with it later. I hope there will be a patch soon.
Any other Murean 2 users here with the same problem?

Thank you!

I have updated my FP2 from 1.21-r → 2.0-r successfully too and so far I’m not seeing any issues.

As for the security date, the Android security update is still reported as February 2024, but that is to be expected since Google has stopped doing security updates for Android 11 (R).

If you stack two app icons together you get a drawer, or do you mean something different?


tried lawnchair14 and it is already gone away from my device, lol.
Better for me the launcher you suggested or, it is similar, simple launcher from fdroid.
If anyone interested, the pic is showing my home, e os t v2.0.

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I mean something different. An app drawer is a certain area separate from the home screens (usually accessable if you swipe up from your home screen) which shows all installed apps, lets you search for apps, group them, pin to home screen, etc. See: What Is an App Drawer in Android and How to Use It Optimally

Thanks for asking. How are we suppose now, by removing function on the button, to access the app list to permit to edit screen’s icon ? I di have accees via parameter to all apps installed, but it is not possible from there to create shortcut on the screen. Any known work around ? Will the ream patch this issue ?

I have a Fairphone 5 on Version 1.21, when i start the update installation the Updater app stops working. I tried clearing cache and storage of the updater app, but that doesnt change anything.

Thanks for the hint. I will have a look at your recommendation of Lawnchair 14 fork by Gooler: I don’t like BLISS neither, as I miss the widget possibilities etc.

I wrote:

if 2.0 for the FP2 did not receive any security updates and apparently also no (functional) updates of apps […]

I stand corrected. Thanks to @mihi who informed me that the button was meant which previously only switched between video recording and snapshot and now implements a third option (QR scanning), I believe that the topics and issues mentioned in the v2.0r release notes indeed also apply to the FP2.

Kind regards


about security, i think screenshots are comprehensive and eloquent enough, that’s fine with me.
Being old or not updated doesn’ t necessarily mean not safe, at least not always :wink:
In this case, it is just a simple launcher, able to do its job.

Yes, I’ve tried Simple Launcher as well.
It was quite good though had some performance (occasional lag) issue on my device.

I would say whichever is fine (other than I can’t get used of Bliss Launcher LOL).

Right, you have a point.

My logic is if the device is anonymous, the less targeted the device is by attacks; therefore latest security update isn’t 1st priority (contrary to what most of “cyber security experts” says)

Example: On G-bloat ROM, people get latest security update while privacy is compromised because of G-bloat tracking 24/7 with wifi-triangulation, G ID & matching of device finger print etc.
Meanwhile on Degoogled, none of these happen while security update is slower.

though I understand that people have different priorities.