FF-agent APP login not possible


I need the “ff agent APP” from the play store. It is alarming fire fighters. I can install it via aurora, but i can not log in. It keeps failing, telling me the password or username is wrong.

Why is that? Is there a workaround or alternativ?

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Oh, that’s worst. Could you please create a issue on gitlab for this?

@Manoj / @GaelDuval can you prioritizing this?

In the case of Snapchat, one can’t login either because Snapchat needs a proper “SafetyNet”, a google certification that can’t be granted to /e/ because it’s a custom rom without google services. Sadly MicroG isn’t able to bypass this certification since around June 2019. Maybe it’s the same thing with your app.

Thanks for the fast replies. I just wrote a message to the developer of the app if he can support /e/ Store or f-droid.

I will file the issue on gitlab in the evening.

Is it possible to use an original google account to make this one app go?

OK thanks guys. The Problem is solved. The APP is provided by the developper also by direct link.


It is working now.

How do i keep the APP up-to-date?