FH3+ taking very long to find position

Hey there,

my Fairphone 3+ needs very long to find my accurate position when I have my location deactivated before (regular 30sec, clean view to the sky - yesterday when I was in a new country it took me even 20min)…

I am using e/OS/ on the latest version 1.11-s-202305…

Any ideas what I can do?


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This is a known problem unfortunately, as shown by these issues :

https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6438 (I opened that one)

I’m experiencing it with my wife’s FP3+, and my FP4 sometimes.
For some reason, the Here We Go app manages to find the location rapidly, which is not the case for Magic Earth or other navigation apps.

In my opinion, the 2023 roadmap that Gael presented us is great, but it should also solve some real important problems some users are facing with GPS. I hope this is taken into account.

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You could check the following settings …

(I don’t have the issue running 1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-FP3 on my Fairphone 3.)

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