File data sync by default : bad idea

Having bought an /e/ phone recently, I open en /e/ account and setup the data sync between my phone and my cloud account. Bad idea.
The videos I took on my new phone immediately filled my 5Gb cloud file storage and consumed the small data credit I had with my Telco provider !
My question goes to those who define /e/ default parameters : would it be possible to change the default settings to avoid such gag to happen ?


You can change under ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / ‘/e/’

Hi :slight_smile:
I never add my /e/ account on my phone but indeed if when you login (at the first boot screen or later in Settings) all your medias are automatically sent without warning, that’s a problem.

In a few days when more people will share their point of view, you could raise an issue since I didn’t see feature request about that in our gitlab.


Hi @phayere I think we had the default set to upload all files as some users were not able to figure out how to enable it and ended up losing data. Now your case is the opposite. Something which is quite possible as a new user may exhaust the storage while checking out the video or camera. May be we should give this as an option during setup and tell users what happens if you enable / disable automatic data upload.


“Syncing all files” as defalut setting makes sense to me, but it would be great if there was another option set by defalut “syncing only via wifi” - similar to the app store that by default downloads updates only via wiki


I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened more often actually. I don’t own a phone with /e/ (yet) so I wouldn’t know how this works by default but I agree that user should have some control over what gets synchronized and how.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of specifying settings during installation of a new software, game, etc. It is more time consuming but as I understand it right now the whole process does take some time and effort anyway, and this would help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Maybe it would be possible to behave differently when the wifi is connected or not.
I must say changing sync parameters is not obvious. I had to watch on the net.

It happened to me too when I started using /e/ too, but I supposed it happened to all newbies using Android for the first time, testing my camera the video uploaded automated and exceeded the maximum cellular data with more than a GB! Uploading only by WiFi fixed the problem.

After being shocked to find that all my files on my phone had been backed-up to the without my knowledge I logged out of my /e/ account. In the sync options under accounts there remains no option to uncheck file backup. Today I wanted to use the default /e/ notes app, and it appears that to use that I need to log in to my /e/ account or other cloud account. With this lack of transparency as to what is being synced, I have just uninstalled the notes app and am trying others out.

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harvey186 is right, I’m using/e/ on Nexus 5X and under settings accounts there is options to disable synchronization.

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@SWEBkM but there is no specific option for files there. My best assumption would be it is under ‘Pictures and Videos’, but I didn’t want to spend time experimenting with this when I feel it is something that should be addressed by the developers. The huge majority of my files that were synced were other files and not pictures and videos. Rather than having doubts about what is being sent where, I am much more comfortable at the moment staying logged out of my /e/ account on my phone.

@pjmbraet did you find a setting that allows sync only over wifi? If yes, would you share with us? :slight_smile:

In case you don’t found a solution yet, you could try Joplin. Syncthing and Joplin is a great combination because you can safe your notes as plain text (tagged Markdown files) in your Sync folder and have them on mobile and desktop.

Not really a solution, but if you don’t use VPN, you could install NetGuard and allow the traffic only for wifi as a workaround.

Thanks for the tip! Until now I had been using the ‘Notes’ app made by secuso, but that didn’t to my knowledge allow for easy syncing across devices.
So I tried your suggestion of Joplin, but I couldn’t get it to sync properly with my laptop.
As my final solution (for now) I found the app ‘Notes’ in the F-Droid store made by Bill Farmer. This allows easy saving of notes in .md format, which I can easily access on my computer, or another android device in the ‘Notes’ app, easily synced with syncthing.
Thanks for your motivating me to find a better solution for myself at least!! :slight_smile:

Thank you @jim.p, the Notes app is pretty cool, i like the simple design and will give it a try. Cheers.

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@jim.p i use Markor now on /e/, it’s pretty neat…just in case you still looking for alternatives.


@spktkpkt I’m starting to use Markor too. Precisely because of the sync function within /e/. They need to work on it. In my case, with over 150 notes in /e/ Notes app, the sync is too slow (depicted by the turning cursor indicating that the sync is in progress taking a long time to disappear)

Markor is still nice if you need a small application for Markdown but I also switched to Obsidian some time ago.

Wouldnt encryoted cloud storage via other opeb source apps resolve his issue? From what i understand once there is legal process murena will turn over all thise pictures because it stores them unencrypted?