File-manager access to external SD + USB-OTG

Hi all, I recently installed /e/OS on a Samsung S10. Things seem to be alright after a long struggle with Magisk root , TWRP and /e/OS install. There are a few issues left and one of them is external SD-card and OTG-USB file permission in the default file manager app. I am able to view the file names, but after I tapped on “copy” , the file names in the target folder they are grayed out (not sure if this means something). I can neither copy something from the storage devices (to internal storage), nor can I write something to the devices. The file manager is crashing every time and re-opens right away. No proper error message other then “the app repeatedly crashed”…
I didn’t got a requests to grand corresponding permissions to the app. Copying from internal SD to internal SD works fine.

I did download a separate file manager app (with root). That works fine. I did get requests to grand appropriate permissions and I can copy files from and to all storage devices. So I could simply continue using that file manager, but I would say that the default file manager should also work and it should be fixed by the dev’s, in the case it’s a bug.
Have you experienced this before and is it a problem with some settings that I can fix myself?

UPDATE: apparently that other file manager doesn’t work either without root permissions


You may be facing a file/directory’s owner problem (UID/GID).
With a root file manager examine a “good” file, then , if available, use a “chown” or “change owner” or “advanced attribute” (you name it) function on a problematic file/directory.

Apart from that, /e/ File app may not hang but display an error message.
If still able to reproduce, you may file an issue (separate account required) : Sign in · GitLab

Hi, thanks for the input, I will try that. My current file manager doesn’t allow to change file permissions, so I have to check which can.
I have another file manager (Foldersync) without root access and that works fine copying files back and forth. If Foldersync works fine, then shouldn’t the default file manager also work the same way without changing file permissions?
I mean I can copy files from internal to internal storage, but not from SD to internal . However, Foldersync works fine for copy from SD to internal.
To me this sounds like an app permission issue with the default file manager and the external SD, but I don’t know how to fix that and why it happened in the first place.

That issue is odd. Files/DocumentsUI on my newly installed /e/ works just fine with microSD and USB drives. It should just work out of the box.
Since you’re rooted I was going to suggest to install App Manager (from /e/ App Store or version 3.x from F-Droid) to check Files’ AppOps and ‘Uses permissions’ tabs but when checking myself I don’t see anything much regarding storage permissions. Maybe worth a look anyway.

Strange. Not on a Samsung but Files should behave the same on /e/ across devices. Could be wrong though.

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