File sync and localisation

Dear all,

during my first tests with /e/ (on Samsung Galaxy S7) with my own nextcloud server I realised, that /e/'s built-in sync creates a couple of folders on the nextcloud server, e. g.

  • Devices
  • Documents
  • Movies
  • Pictures
  • Podcasts
  • Ringtones
  • Talk

These directories seem to be created without regard to this nextcloud-user’s localization.

What I would expect is, that /e/ asks the user how to use existing folders in his nextcloud account, perhaps like

  • Are there any folders in the connected account?
  • If yes, show a wizard asking:
    ** Where should we put Pictures? (select directory or use SOME_LOCALISED_NAME)
    ** Where should we put Documents (select directory or use SOME_LOCALISED_NAME)

and so on.

If we skip that, this will end in a mess of folders in the user’s account…

Would this be possible?


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Hi @martinschniewind you can raise this as an issue on Gitlab and the dev team can use it to improve the features.