Files keep coming back to storage [SOLVED]

I don’t know if anybody has experienced this but after I delete a file, using the pre-installed Files utility, it comes back!

It happens every time I reboot my phone (MotoG 2014).

I once saved an audio file and I could see it in the Audio section. I deleted it and some time ahead I found it there again. I then realized that this happens whenever I reboot the system.

I just tried it again.

My phone is running the last system update but this has been going on for a while now.

This is important to me because I don’t store any files on the phone, only on my personal cloud. And I don’t have spare space so I might suddenly end up with no storage space at all.

Does anyone have a clue?

Mhm, sounds crazy. Just tried. File is gone for ever.

Have you tried with different file manager?

No @harvey186. Since I don’t keep files I never taught about it.
Any suggestion, if you may? Or anybody?

I mean trying Amaze or ‘simple file manager’ to check if it is a general issue or app related

Ok, thank you @harvey186

Dumb question : any chance that your file is get synchronized from /e/ cloud ?
Also, did you try to delete it from a computer (USB), or adb shell ? If the file’s gone forever this way, could definitively be a Files app bug …

That’s a good question :+1: :+1: :+1:

« Audio section » could be only a viewer fonction, you may have to go in the folder where it is stored to delete the file

That’s what I taught @piero.
Seems that the sections are hard links to the files themselves so I would have to delete it from the original place.
And no, @smu44, they were not synchronized with /e/ cloud (which I do not use) or mine. They were local files, indeed.
I didn’t like this behaviour anyway. I would like that a hard link could open the original storage place of the file.
But ok, looks like it’s not a bug after all.
This trend may be closed.
Thank you all.