Files: Where are my audio files?


I can’t find my audio files using the “Files” app.
I used to download audio and podcast using Deezer and Radio France apps, but I can’t find the files while looking it through the File app (neither on the phone nor on the SD card).
Do we see ALL the arborating tree and files with this app?

I am using /e/ v0.21 on LG G5


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Maybe these apps are downloading files in their private storage, so you can’t see them …
In Files you only see your files, but not this apps private storage.

Does any of Deezer or Radio France have a setting for storage path ?
You could set it to /sdcard/…

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Storage path of both apps are set to sdcard. But I can’t see any files there. Only my pictures are visibles.

Private storage might be a good explanation. Is there a way to set Files app as root?

I guess you know already, apps can hide their stuff in

Internal storage > Android > data >… > folders

… but with audio/copyright files like this, perhaps more likely that the files are more hidden!

TWRP has a file manager, if this is your Recovery.

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