Filesystem: it's possible ext4 on sd-card?

My question is in the title: in /e/ it is possible to have a ext4 (or ntfs) at least on the sd-card, readable from the system?

Please answer something. If your silence means “no”, please explicit it.

Looks like nobody has the answer.
But you can try it yourself with /e/ or LineageOS. (And maybe any other Android ROM, I don’t know why it would be different).

Thank you. But so far I don’t have a device with /e/ …

No! File formats such as ext4 or ntfs oe exFat are not supported.

Used microSD cards are displayed as “corrupt” or “Unsupported SD Card” (Pic #1 +#9)

An example (with a e-0.7-pie phone):

  1. ext4 micrsoSD card inserted in running device: Error message: “corrupt”

  2. ext4 micrsoSD card inserted and device restarted: Error message : " Issue with SD card.

  3. Tab to fix => "How will you use this SD card? Click to “Phone storage” => Format this SD card? => Formating SD Card. Three directories are created: Apps, System, Cached data




If the /e/ phone has formatted the microSD card as portable storage, the data on it can also be read by other computer systems.

I do not think ext4 or ntfs is supported for SD cards. The accepted format is fat32. Had tried this a long time back. You can check on Lineage, other Custom ROM’s or stock ROM’s if these formats work.

Thank you! what a pity! It would be useful and nice indeed to have an open source mobile operating system that reads the most used fs format in open source desktop. I thik i.g. to symlinks.
I think that in the future you should plan this enhancement :slightly_smiling_face:

StockROM Android is also an “open source” mobile OS - but it can’t do anything with the ext4 data format or reports “corrupt” or “Corrupted SD card” “Issue with SD card. Touch to fix.”

Why not? So far it is so: but it could change.
I think that /e/ is the right way (keep android essential, so that you can keep your android apps), but android is not unchangeable.
It might be a long and difficult process, but something developers should be able to do.
You can search with Google i.g. «symlinks on android».
Thank you!