Financial Application or widget…

Hi everybody, :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have an App that can show in real time the quotations of certain financial securities?

I haven’t found any without trackers. Is it so difficult to follow a stock price or an index in complete privacy?

Thank you all!

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I don’t know really but I see several candidates in my F-Droid client. Most are from the F-Droid repo, maybe one or two at IzzyOnDroid repo. Just search for “stocks”, “investments”, or whatever.

F-Droid Main Repository

Some may have Anti-Features that won’t sit well, but still…


I will check carefully this way in F-Droid main repo.
Thanks for the reply marcdw.

I was curious myself -

if you can’t find an app you like, adding a website to the homescreen can be a compromise

Hi tcecyk,

I was using exodus-privacy site to check out the marcdw proposal.
I find this one to give a try : HANDY TRADER, 0 trackers, 17 permissions.
Not perfect yet, but will see.

I will see your suggestions too.
Thanks for the reply tcecyk.


Candle seems to be a winner :slight_smile:

Thanks tcecyk :+1: :+1:

Nop, Not at all!
I give Candle App a try this morning… and it’s not a serious one.
Lots of bugs. No real time quotation.

No good.