Find /e/ OS version (build type) installed

I’m still fairly new to smartphones in general and have a question probably “too easy” to find answers to:
When lately being offered OS updates, I read about the different versions of /e/ OS available here:

Can anyone point me to where I can find out what version is actually running on my phone?
I found the “Build-Number” under “Settings->About this phone” (or whatever this is called in the English version), but I cannot match what I see there with any of dev/stable/test etc. mentioned in the link above. Where can I look this up?
The update I get offered (from 0.21 to 0.22) also just carries a long string of numbers in its name, but no information on the build type. Probably I’m overlooking something very obvious here, any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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Settings > About phone > Android version > /e/ version.

(On many devices) long press on /e/ version > Copy to clipboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

When offered an update by System updater, however, you are first given very little useful (imho!) information. I have found, long press on “Offered update” > the url of the source repository which may contain more clues.


Ah, thanks! I didn’t recognise that “Android version” was clickable. I just said “11” below and I thought “that’s it”.
For the updates, I cannot get anything by pressing the update string. However, the dots menu offers “copy url to clipboard” which is a bit of an awkward way to get to the information, but it works.

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