Find my ... car

I’m growing old and sometimes I forget where I left my car.

Any suggestion for an app (FOSS preferably) without trackers ?

I searched Fdroid, but to no avail.

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There is this feature

Set a meeting point for everyone. See how the participants arrive at the chosen place.


Set one up like Meet my Car :blush:

[ Note ]: Not maintained at the moment, plus FOSS version is not working as good as iOS – just tested it.

Use Osmand and stick a pin in the map when you park. In the plugins menu you can enable a parking mode that will also tell you how much time is left.

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Is there a way to share this?
As in your partner, children, friends… you my share the car with?

How about simply making a screenshot and sharing…?

Ease of use… getting GPX data… use my nav app… GPX viewer…
In Berlin or Paris… I’m sure same street parking is not so easy… and free long term parking can be far away.

What I do is I tag/bookmark the car location in OrganicMaps and then share that with my spouse. Worked fine for me so far.

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So, f-droid TICE crashes a lot and I can’t remove pins, which means I’m also looking for something like find my car. But more as in let a goup find a car

In this picture situation you can quickly chat with the group and Jan may say his car is parked closer for everyone and puts a pin on the map.

This worked great for an old van we shared btw.
Just put the pin on, when you leave the car, or some time later, if you still remember.

If you want a group to find each other then I use Hauk. but you do have to run your own server. In the event you want people to find your car, maybe stand next to it?

Can Hauk do pinned location points? I do not want to stand next to the car for days, just pin it’s location!
I have web servers, but not everbody does…

Thank you, this is missing in my OpenTopoMap


I think you want two different things

People to find each other. Use Hauk

People to find a location point. Share a GPX file from Osmand or Magic Earth

I do not know of a solution that does both.

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