Find my device location

Dear Community friends,

I wonder if there is a recommended method to find a lost device’s location or make it play a sound with another device.

I did not find such services offered by /e/os, so I tried with applications on the app lounge. So I upload find my device from Google Android, which does not seem to offer the functionalities on Android devices. (with advance privacy turned off)

So do you know if it is possible to find the location of devices connected to /e/os, from one device? Else Do you have any idea of recommended apps?

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This may not help you, but I have a Garmin sports watch which connects to my phone using the Garmin Connect app. The watch has a 'find my phone` function, and the phone has a ‘find my watch’ function. I have used both functions several times :slight_smile:

Buying a sports watch may not be the most cost-effective way of achieving what you want,

Before the watch, my preferred trick for finding my phone was to call it from either my landline, or someone else’s phone.

Good luck in finding something that works for you

This one might be usable.


Woks via SMS. I used to have it but now that most of the devices are VoIP (XMPP) it doesn’t work anymore. Can’t locate devices without SMS.

Thank you for your help !

I keep in mind the first solution, if i become a connected watch user.

For the second option, this looks like exactly what i was looking for. Indeed, i have difficutly to download it, it may also comes from my network connection which is not good (may work for someone else with a better connection)

Thanks again :wink:

Trouble downloading FindMyDevice from the F-Droid site? Hmm.
It is also available via App Lounge. Just don’t confuse it with the other one named “Find my Device”. :smirk:

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Yes of course !

But finally with a good network connection I could download it successfully

Thanks !

Did you use it with an account on the developper server to store your data? Or were you hosting your own server?
I’m thinking there could be a way to use the /e/OS cloud server, isn’t it?

I was using the developer server.
I never thought about the self-hosting. Will have to check up on that. If it works with a Nextcloud type of setup that would be pretty cool.

But as far as I understand the SMS approach works without any connection to a server. Can you elaborate on your comment about more devices using VoIP that makes it unusable?

Good point about the SMS. I would just set up the app and not really sure if I’m using their server. Never checked the web side of things actually.

I will have FindMyDevice (FMD) on a phone with normal carrier SIM, phone number and SMS. DeviceA.
The other device is VoIP. Wi-Fi and data-only SIM. Specifically one with a number. Can make and receive calls using the Android dialer and can send/receive messages to anyone using the XMPP client (Cheogram). DeviceB.

From DeviceB i can send fmd commands to DeviceA and get results. Status, location, make the phone ring, etc.
From DeviceA to DeviceB (VoIP) nothing happens other than seeing the commands in Cheogram. Because it is not an actual SMS client none of the commands received get passed to FMD.

Part of the Cheogram roadmap is to be able to have it set as the SMS app. Curious to find out if FMD would work then.

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Hello everyone,
I also use the Findmydevice app and host my own server. I don’t have a voip device, but from the server I can get the location of the device and get it to ring. Tested this a few seconds ago.

If you have any related questions for me, please ask.


Oh my, yes. That worked. I was able to locate the VoIP device as well as make it ring also.
Never tried their web page / server before until now. Thanks.

Now I need to make a note of the IDs of the devices running FMD.

The app can also be used with nextpush/nextcloud for sending remote commands (location, ringing, etc…) without any problem.

Only negative note is that, at least for me, I cannot capture remote images from the camera, on the server I get only black images.

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Interesting thank you, I’m going to try it!