Fingerprint drain battery Murena One


I’ve a lot of problems with the fingerprint reader. Either it does not recognize me, or with difficulties, sometimes it stops working and I have to restart the smartphone.

But the biggest problem is that it drains the battery when the smartphone is in standby (1% every 10 minutes)!
I tried everything. Reset the smartphone, etc…

Do you have the same problem? Thanks

PS e/os v 1.5


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if you can’t find anybody else it at least warrants a bugreport with some screenshots of the battery drain at e · GitLab and/or a mail to murena support as you bought the phone

The solution is to disable the fingerprint reader and replace Bliss launcher by another launcher and it’s good. In fact the software on the Murena One is not optimized and finalized …


I switch from Gigaset GS290 fo Murena and the difference between the battery life is huge.
The new phone is not all set up with apps and can last 12days in stanby.
With the Murena One, I was charging all the time. The battery was draining during the night and the phone was hot.
I disable fingerprint and replace Bliss by Kiss Launcher.
With full charge, I’m at 50% after 38h and says and 36h remaining.
That’s a huge difference.
I don’t have tool to see precisely battery consumption to compare bliss and kiss launcher.

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La dernière mise à jour semble avoir résolu le problème.
Je surveille quelques jours pour confirmer

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Regarding the usage of the fingerprint. I find the recognition process since the v1.1 version especially from OS R to S much more slowly as before.
Strange is by my phone that a kind of time-out happened and leads me to the schema unlock.
Seems that’s not really considered that some type of sensors are differents and by some of them not really runs optimal.

I have a samsung galaxy s10+ with fingerprint in front under the display.
The e=S v1.0 R was still smart and fast with it. now 1.12.3 S and with 1.09, 1.10, 1.10 all S wasn’t with that level…

I ask me if I should create a topic dedicated to the samsung devices with this kind of sensors…