Fingerprint unlock still ask for pin, is this expected?

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Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I did a rudimentary search and found nothing.

I’ve noticed that my moto one ace, from /e/OS v1.3 to the latest, will still ask me to enter my PIN after I unlock with my fingerprint (a minority of the time).

Is this an expected behaviour (so user doesn’t forget their PIN)? If not, how would I go about the diagnosis? i.e. is it a matter of finding a single log file on the system? Or is there a specific one for phone unlocking/sensor-activity? Is there a diag toggle that needs to be enabled?

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I’ve not been running an up to date version of /e/ but it is/was normal after a fresh reboot. Version 0.14 even told you so. Perhaps things have changed, but worth checking if those times are your ‘minority’ cases. Extra security measure, which I can’t quite understand…


On my Samsung galaxy s10+ I had the issue with former /e/ versions that it asked me too often to my pin after I put my finder on the sensor. Many times on a day, that was boring.
Now with the v1.14 & 1.15 it comes with longer period, and is more stable.
I think that’s quite good that it ask sometimes for it, especially after device start.
But i have no idea on when it should do, how long it should wait & so on…
I’d like to have more overview or control on it, means would be fine If I could define how long or how many time it should wait for asking it (small security option).