Firefox from /e/ apps outdated

Hello there,

it looks like Firefox in the /e/ apps store is outdated again.
The current version downloadable in the store is 68.8.1 (updated on 2020-05-20).

The most recent version from Mozilla is: 68.9.0 (released 2020-06-02)
The version in Google Play is: 68.9.0 (available in the Play Store since 2020-06-02)
The version available from APKpure is: 68.9.0 (available since 2020-06-09)

So the following security issues are open for /e/ users who downloaded and use Firefox 68.8.1 from the /e/ apps store:

#CVE-2020-12399: Timing attack on DSA signatures in NSS library

Cesar Pereida Garcia and the Network and Information Security Group (NISEC) at Tampere University


NSS has shown timing differences when performing DSA signatures, which was exploitable and could eventually leak private keys.

Bug 1631576

#CVE-2020-12405: Use-after-free in SharedWorkerService

Marcin ‘Icewall’ Noga of Cisco Talos


When browsing a malicious page, a race condition in our SharedWorkerService could occur and lead to a potentially exploitable crash.

Bug 1631618

#CVE-2020-12406: JavaScript Type confusion with NativeTypes

Iain Ireland


Mozilla developer Iain Ireland discovered a missing type check during unboxed objects removal, resulting in a crash. We presume that with enough effort that it could be exploited to run arbitrary code.

Bug 1639590

#CVE-2020-12410: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 77 and Firefox ESR 68.9

Mozilla developers


Mozilla developers Tom Tung and Karl Tomlinson reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 76 and Firefox ESR 68.8. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort some of these could have been exploited to run arbitrary code.

Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 77 and Firefox ESR 68.9

@Manoj can you please keep and eye on this? Thank you very much!


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Pl can you raise a bug in Gitlab that way it can be assigned to a developer to update and close.


Issue 1403


Fennec F-Droid and Icecat Mobile, from F-Droid, are still based on 68.8.0.

Yes, thank you for this additional information. But this topic is only related to Firefox in the /e/ apps store and not to any F-Droid stuff, because the /e/ apps store is in the area of influence of the /e/ devs, F-Droid is not.
One could use FFUpdater from F-Droid as a workaround to get Firefox to 68.9.0, but the version available in the /e/ apps store should be up to date, too.

/e/Apps doesn’t want to work for me (’try later’). It’s often the case…

Nothing happend so far.
Maybe a developer responsible for the app store can provide an update.
May you please have a look at it again?


Today I wrote an email to, that is the repository used by Apps store, to warn about the telegram foss version outdated, as suggested directly by them.
Write to them you too.

Put in another reminder for the Firefox app to be updated.
I think there should be a ‘Update app’ button in the App Installer where users can request for specific apps to be updated to the latest version. That way speeding up the process.


Thank you! That did the trick.

Yes, I suggested this some time ago: look here .
This improvement could help to solve some problems with outdated apps.

I would argue that all apps should just be up-to-date always!