First Direct banking app and root


This is a long shot but has anyone out there managed to get the First direct banking app(UK) running on a rooted /e phone?
I’ve tried the usual Magisk way with several modules installed and although I can get Nationwide app running -not First Direct.



Many thanks to lordnakki on XDA forum for the solution below

I can confirm this works for the First Direct app if followed exactly which I obviously didn’t first time. One thing. ‘Under preference head’ don’t get hung up on this. In the latest version of HMA I couldn’t see this but it didn’t matter. The Nationwide app also works.

This guide is for you, if your banking app detects root on your Nothing phone (1) after you have installed Magisk

  1. Clear yours banking apps data
  2. Add banking app and Google playstore to Magisk’s DenyList (make sure the Enfore DenyList toggle is off in Magisk’s settings)
  3. Download and install the latest version of Shamiko( via Magisk
  4. Download and install the latest version of LSPosed( module via Magisk (also install the LSPosed( app from the Play Store)
  5. Reboot and open the LSPosed app to make sure it is working correctly
  6. Download and install the latest version of Hide My Applist( (HMA) app
  7. Enable HMA in LSPosed
  8. Reboot and open the HMA app to make sure it is working correctly
  9. Follow the following steps to configure hiding in the HMA app:
    Select Effective Apps → Tap on “com.(name of your banking app)” → Toggle Enable hide
    Under the Preference head, tap on Select hide methods → Check API requests, Intent queries, ID detections → Tap OK
    Under the Template config head, tap on 0 additional apps invisible → Check Magisk, LSPosed and HMA
  10. Tap on the save button on the top right corner of the app
  11. Reboot and open your banking app, it shouldn’t complain of root anymore!


This has broken down for me. Trying another method. The First direct app is the pain.

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