First experience... pitifully very negative

A long-time user of Lineageos (since CM12) and microG (+ magisk, (ed)xposed, xprivacy, etc.) on several phones, I wanted to try /e/. Pitifully (as I like the idea of the project):

  • The Letsencrypt certificate of the website is expired since August 5 (we are the 17th!).
  • I created an e account, but once created (I got the confirmation email), I cannot login in or and when I try to reset the password, it says “unknown account”
  • I installed /e/ on my S7 (klte) and, on first launch, I’m stuck on the screen “Encryption unsuccessful” which leads to a phone reset, which again leads to the screen “Encryption unsuccessful”, etc etc indefinitely.

I’m not asking for help (I know how to reset and/or encrypt my phone, etc.) but the choice to force encryption may be questionable and, mainly, there is a lack of information for the average user who may not realize what a full reset means.

All in all, I’m afraid such issues could make people flee from /e/, which is a pity as the project is such a good idea.

Good luck and merci à l’équipe

pls don’t forget, e is still in beta.

Normally the e.account and is working. But if you can read in some other post, there is a issue since some days. lot of people a searching what happens and how to resolve. The problem is, that it is only happens sometimes.

The S7 does have some issue you will also find here in forum.

Once again, e is in beta and all people which a trying it, should create an issue on gitlab so it can be resolved for final version V1 later this year.


Have you been trying to setup the mail client manually using “” as the server? This won’t work because the mail server is “”.

The URL e.ecloud doesn’t exist, so if you’ve been setting up the account manually the unknown account message is most likely correct.