First impressions from a long-time FOSS mobile user

Great start!

I am a long-time Maemo, Meego, Mer, Sailfish person – my main phone is still a Sailfish phone.

But I have been watching this project and looking forward to trying it. So I applied for a test /e/ account, bought myself a cheap LeEco 2 and installed /e/.

It looks very good (although I have to admit I haven’t put a SIM card in it yet :slight_smile: ). Installation was easy once I had persuaded the phone to let me install a custom recovery.

My only negative feedback is that F-Droid should have been included in the default apps, until the /e/ Store exists.

The /e/ drive Nextcloud instance works well, although I plan to test using my own Owncloud instance instead and see what breaks.

All-in-all, a great start and here’s to further success!