First OTA update runs in an error

Cedric (motorola moto G2015)
A few months ago I installed:
lineage_cedric-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20220123.095352 dev-keys
(I came from LineageOS)

Now i want install now 0.22 from Februari or 0.23 from March from the automatique update but it runs in to an error.
The device boot in recovery (e/) …
E:erro opening trace file: no such file or directory (2)
Supported API: 3
Finding update package…
Verifying update package …
Update package verification took 6.7 s (result 0)
Installing update …
ERROR: This package requires firmware from an Android 8.1 based on stock ROM build. Please upgrade firmware and retry!
E:Error in @/cache/recovery/ (status 1)

Installation aborted.

Can you put me in the right direction please ?


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I was in Android 8.1 with LineagOS

I flashed firmware from an Android 8.1 based on stock ROM build and right after 0.23