Fix for: stuck during installation when you are in Fastboot mode

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Stuck on Fastboot part of Easy Installer ( e/ operating system ) ?

So during the easy process installer I was stuck on this part -

For anybody who is there i have a quick fix - as pointed by a kind helping hand from e/ foundation, the reason is that if you go to “device manager” you can see that Android is not detected in fastboot, even it might have all seem okay with detection when you started.

The quick fix is to get a Linux device, like Ubuntu and do the installation there, since Linux does not need any have any problems with these drivers (tried 2 pc running Windows 10 and it was a repeated problem). The ubuntu device was smooth and no problem there. Hope this helps!

Those who can’t simply use a Linux system can find some help to fix the issue on Windows here: Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

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