FIXED: GPS week rollover on e/OS on Samsung Galaxy S10+

I have installed e/OS on fully updated (march 2023) Samsung Galaxy S10+.
Phone is not rooted. Original recovery. No unneeded changes. Just enough to install e/OS exactly to instructions.

Only thing between yesterday and today I did is:
Turned on WiFi scanning for location
And turned off Phonetrack log for night

After that I have wrong GPS time

Turning WiFi scanning off didn’t help.

Phonetrack kept GPS always in locked state, unless I went in tunnel (few times a day in workdays)

GPS was working fine till today (6th November 2023).
GPS reports wrong date, 19.6 years ago (22nd March 2004).
GPS reported one wrong location (good 160 miles wrong, north-east to me)
Otherwise everything works fine.

I absolutely need GPS with correct date/time, as I am using Phonetrack and location is stored 19.6 years ago.

Can this be fixed?

I tried reboot, power off, power on. I should try power off, SIM out, power on, try GPStest, power off, SIM in, power on GPStest. I shall report findings.


FIX: power off phone, remove SIM card, turn phone back on, use GPS (you may still get wrong date time), turn off phone, insert SIM, turn on phone, use GPS and enjoy correct time and date.

Simple reboot doesn’t work as fix!

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