Flash e/os on samsung tab s2

Hello everybody.

I would like to buy a Samsung tab s2 to flash e/os on it.
Its not my first time i do this.
I did this with my current smartphone as well and still enjoying it.
But since its only the second time i want to be sure that i dont mess up the device.
So where do i start now?
Do i use Odin again or the automatic installer?
I found several tutorials on the web but dont know what is the best way for this device.
Also , is there a specific modelnumber that i need?

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Hello, if by “automatic installer” you mean e’s ‘easy installer’ then this will not help you because it only supports fewer devices. See also List of devices supported by the easy-installer

If your host machine works under Windows, you can proceed according for e. g. these /e/ documention and flash a custom recovery with the tool Odin3 instead of ‘Heimdall’. The /e/OS '9-P’ie installation is then carried out from this recovery.

YES, you need a specific model number!!
So far there is only /e/ available for t713 and t813 - wifi models.

I have a tab s2, t813, got it only to try /e/. Installed /e/ the other day through TWRP. And TWRP through ODIN. I find that the easiest way, have been doing so several years with custom roms.

The installation went very fast and without problems. Real happy so far, haven’t noticed any major bugs so far.