Flash /e/OS on Samsung Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610 - gta4xlwifi) that has been upgraded to Android 13

/e/ OS currently does not provide Android 13 (T) ROMs for this device: not more than Android 12 (S).
The corresponding doc clearly says to check for Android 12 version before installing /e/ OS.

I know the dev team is working on Android 13 support. Waiting for that would probably be the safest approach.

However, we’ll have to handle the case of a Samsung Tab S6 Lite running on Android 13 at our flash-party (April 1 and 2), for @DimP. And I suppose T ROMs won’t be available at that time?

I read in the corresponding LineageOS doc that Android could be downgraded to 12, through Odin? I find that a bit risky.

Any other suggestion?

You can downgrade the samsung firmware using Odin only IF the same “bit” level, here is “2”


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I don’t now if it helps but I have an SM-P619 version that was on Android 11 when I bought it and it automatically went to 12 and 13 which was bad enough. However, it has a factory reset available, would that take the Android version back to the shop bought Android 11?

No, performing a factory reset will let you with an virgin android 13 device.
/e/ is running “S” version on this device and require Samsung android 12 firmware as a baseground,
you need Odin (reliable even for non-technician people) or heimdall, (less confortable in this case of complete firmware flashing)

Yes, sorry Piero, I was not thinking it through properly.
Probably due to the fact hat I was on the site to gain some insights to getting e OS on my tablet and thinking about my problems too much.

This is a good idea as I have now discovered various video and text methods which have a common theme.

However, there are a variety of people writing these and they vary in levels of clarity. Writing a protocol is a skill, like anything else. Someone needs to provide a skeleton for the framework that is commented on to make sure there are no conflicts in technical advice and they are understandable to all likely users.

I am not an expert in Linux nor changing OS in devices but have enough understanding to try. I am happy to help or write a protocol, something I used to do for scientific purposes and for a variety of foreign English speakers.

My own installation of e/OS has stopped because I have a new model sm-p619 where the article we connected on is sm-p610 and I should return to Android 12. More importantly I can not get I can not get Heimdall to work, even after trying various methods on different sites. I feel one of the aims of the mission would be to have protocols for problem solving or enduring a step like Heimdall works, like one of the articles attached.

What I have done for myself is to copy the protocols attached. They are not prepared exactly how I think they should be as I was spending more time with the learning and assembly of correct packages and getting them to function.

(Attachment Samsung OS change.odt is missing)

(Attachment Heimdall Frontend Read Me.odt is missing)

(Attachment Heimdall error Setting up interface failed.odt is missing)

@seamuscrowe STOP All effort to get /e/OS on this device !!

Your tablet is not a supported “gta4xl”
(sm-p615, 615C, 615N, 617) exynos

But unfortunaly an unsupported “gta4xlve”
(sm-p619, 619N) qualcomm

I appreciate that.
The tablet says samsung/gta4xlvexx/gta4xlve
Guess the difference would be the Qualcomm chip, not the Eynos?
Thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for the notice of this procedure.
It is surprising to get this so soon and very encouraging. At present I am a little busy bit I hope to get time soon to investigate it better.

I was willing to experiment with my tablet as it will be a waste of money in its present condition and I had thought of selling it (despite having tried in three countries to buy an LTE model) and wait until a model that was covered became available.

So, I will follow this up soon when I am able,
Thanks again for the heads-up